Download Android 8.0 Oreo for OnePlus 5 now

If you're the owner of a OnePlus 5, you've no doubt been eagerly awaiting the arrival of Oreo on your phone. Well, the wait is over; you can now upgrade to Android 8.0.

The release served as a great present for anyone who had their ear to the ground on Christmas Eve, and a nice surprise for anyone who was too wrapped up in festivities to notice. As ever, the update will roll out gradually, but if you're feeling impatient, it's easy to force the download.

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But what can you look forward to in Oreo? Taking the form of OxygenOS 5.0 on the OnePlus 5, there's everything you have been waiting for in Android 8.0. This includes Parallel Apps -- meaning you can run multiple instances of the same app -- all manner of tweaks and optimizations, and the December security bundle from Google. The Face Unlock feature that OnePlus 5T have been treated to is not yet here, but OnePlus promises that it's on the way.

Here's a full breakdown of what the upgrade includes:

So how can you go about getting the update? If you head to System Updates in Settings, you may well find that you're told that "your system is up to date." Install a VPN -- such as TunnelBear for Android -- and you can skip the wait and grab the upgrade right away.

In TunnelBear, you can change your location to Canada -- somewhere which is always treated to OnePlus updates in a timely fashion -- and perform another upgrade check. You should find that the Oreo update is detected, and the download starts. But the update weighs in at 1.5GB, and TunnelBear only lets you download 500MB for free. Don't worry; just start the download with TunnelBear running, then kill the app and let it continue without the VPN.