Easily share large files with Dropbox Transfer

Dropbox Transfer

Dropbox has revealed a new file sharing service that makes it possible to send files of up to 100GB.

The company says the service has been designed as a quick and easy alternative to configuring sharing and permissions, and it means that it is possible to share large files even with people who do not have Dropbox accounts.

Dropbox Transfer is currently undergoing beta testing, and there's a waiting list to join if you want to take part. But if you're able to get signed up, you'll find that you have a handy alternative to email attachments. There are some neat extra options such as being able to password-protect files and set time limits on access.

Dropbox describes Transfer as "a quick, secure way to send large files to anyone". The company goes on to say:

Transfer offers the convenience of email, without the 25 MB limit on attachments. With Transfer, you can send up to 100 GB of files -- five times what some other services allow -- in just a few clicks. You'll have the option to drag and drop files to upload from your computer, or skip the wait by adding items stored in Dropbox. Once you've created your transfer, you’ll get a link that can be pasted anywhere. You can send the link to anyone, even if they don't have a Dropbox account, or send an automatically generated email right from Transfer. Recipients will receive copies of the files, so your originals will remain untouched.

If you want to get involved in testing Dropbox Transfer, click here to join the waiting list.

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