Microsoft wants to close down Wunderlist -- so the creator offers to buy it back


It is now more than four years since Microsoft bought popular to-do list app Wunderlist, and the company now wants to shut it down. This is perhaps not entirely surprising as it has its own To-Do app, but the creator of Wunderlist is not happy.

The founder of the app, Christian Reber, used Twitter to appeal to Microsoft to sell Wunderlist back to him to save it from being shuttered.


While Reber's request received a lot of positive reaction on Twitter, there were also many people who pointed out that he should not have sold Wunderlist to Microsoft in the first place. "Did you honestly think it wouldn't end this way?", and variants on the question, were leveled at him.

Reber's plea to Satya Nadella and Marcus Ash -- Microsoft's general manager for Tasks -- was a simple one:

There has been no response from Microsoft, Nadella or Ash -- at least not publicly -- but it is hard to imagine the company bowing to the request. Over on the Wunderlist website, Microsoft has been trying to encourage users to migrate to To-Do, pointing out the additional features offered by its own app. It's not clear exactly when Microsoft would close down Wunderlist, but the company has previously said it would happen when all of its features had been integrated into To-Do. Reber is clearly keen to get a response before this date rolls around.

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