Microsoft releases PowerToys v0.16.0, adding four new tools including Image Resizer and Window Walker

PowerToys reboot

Since Microsoft first announced PowerToys for Windows 10, there was great excitement about the return of the collection of utilities. The company has been drip-feeding us new features over the last few months, and now PowerToys v0.16.0 has landed, bringing with it no fewer than four new tools.

The most interesting new arrivals are the Image Resizer Window Shell extension which provides easy access to image resizing options from the context menu, and Window Walker which is a text-based Alt-Tab alternative.


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Image Resizer is something that you may remember from PowerToys of yore, and it works very much as you would expect. Right click on one or more images, select the Resize pictures option, and then select your desired dimensions and options. You can also use the right mouse button to drag-and-drop-and-resize images in one fell swoop.

The Window Walker utility is something that may well not appeal to everyone as performing text-based searches for running processes to switch to simply isn't what most people are used to. The other two main addition to this release are changes to the preview pane, with new extension making it possible to preview SVG images and Markdown documents.

Microsoft picks out some of the highlights of this PowerToys release:

  • FancyZone improvements:
    • Multi-Monitor improvement: Zone flipping switching now works between monitors!
    • Simplified UX: Removed layout hot-swap and flashing feature due to need to improve multi-monitor support
  • New Utilities!
    • Markdown Preview pane extension
    • SVG Preview pane extension
    • Image Resizer Window Shell extension
    • Window Walker, an alt-tab alternative
  • Fixed over 100 issues!
  • Testing improvements
    • 54 UX Functional tests
    • 161 new Unit tests

You can download PowerToys v0.16.0 here.

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