announces COVID-19 (coronavirus) testing

With the current pandemic continuing to grow in some areas, and unemployment rising even faster than food prices, we need problem solvers. Help at this time comes mostly from doctors and scientists, but can also come from other surprising areas.

If you've recently taken an AncestryDNA test, is inviting you to supply some information that could assist in the fight against COVID-19.


If you've done the test then you should receive an email that explains: "You’ve previously expressed interest in participating in Ancestry research studies. We’re asking you to join us in helping to better understand and combat the global COVID-19 pandemic. By answering a few survey questions, you can potentially help identify genetic patterns that affect how people contract and respond to COVID‑19."

If you agree then you can click the link that takes you this page. From there you can access the survey. The page explains:

People who have taken an AncestryDNA test and who want to participate will be asked to complete a short survey. If eligible, your DNA will be compared against other participants to discover any genomic similarities that may be associated with reactions to the virus.

This information may then be shared with qualified researchers who are studying different treatment options for COVID-19, including possible vaccines or other preventative measures. Your privacy is our top priority.

If you haven't taken a DNA test yet you can visit here to purchase one. It will take about six weeks to get your results.

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