What are the most successful areas of tech in 2022?

Technology has evolved quickly in the past few decades and its growth has shown no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Some trends come and go, but others stay as a way to solve catastrophic issues. These five areas of tech have been the most successful in 2022 and will be a mainstay for decades to come.

1. Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) has become more prominent because there is greater availability in the number of devices connected to WiFi. Consumers are already seeing the benefits of IoT with remote technology. You can use your smartphone to lock your doors at home, turn on the kitchen stove and more. But IoT is gaining traction this year and could go even further in the coming years.

The IoT market has grown by over 50 percent since 2018. Forecasters expect worldwide spending on these gadgets to cross the $1 trillion mark in 2022, an increase from $749 million in 2020. By 2023, the number should increase to $1.1 trillion. One reason for the sharp rise in the IoT market is how industries use it. Companies can utilize IoT to collect and analyze data quickly, making processes in the manufacturing and medical industries safer and more efficient.

2. 5G

5G has only been around for a few years, but it’s becoming more available for public use, leading to a rise in 2022 and beyond. People have been able to use 3G and 4G for years, but 5G will help people that need to use augmented virtual reality technologies.

This cellular technology is rising faster than its predecessors, with 70 million 5G subscriptions added in the first quarter of 2022. About 25 percent of the world can access 5G now and experts forecast that number to rise to around 75 percent by 2027.

3. EdTech

Education technology (edtech) has recently seen a surge as educators worldwide turn to new technology to help teach their students. This sector is relatively new, aiding teachers in finding innovative teaching methods. The rise in smartphone usage, overall internet users, lower data costs and analytics have contributed to a boom in edtech.

Edtech and cybersecurity -- another booming tech sector -- are two areas that go hand in hand. Schools are starting to emphasize boosting their efficiency and cybersecurity, especially in the age of COVID-19.

Schools are helping secure their data by streamlining online processes with administrators and their tech team. About 50 percent of schools now use five or more solutions to meet their online needs. Cutting that down can help save time and money down the line.

4. Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity has been around for a while, but the industry is growing partly because of COVID-19. Since early 2020, cybersecurity professionals have reported a 63 percent increase in cyberattacks through the pandemic. Cybercriminals have used COVID-19 scams in phishing emails and ransomware attacks to prey on vulnerable people. With remote work increasing, teleworkers often use unsecured personal phones and computers, making them easy targets for hackers.

These situations have led companies to strengthen their cybersecurity forces, creating thousands of new jobs in this sector. Experts predict the cybersecurity industry will see a 35 percent increase in growth between 2021 and 2031, far surpassing many other occupations. About 20,000 job openings could open yearly for the rest of the decade.

5. Blockchain

Blockchain has become more prevalent with the rise in cryptocurrency in recent years. For example, people use blockchain technology for Bitcoin to secure data. You can add to a blockchain, but you cannot alter or delete something from the blockchain once it’s there.

Though you may associate blockchain with cryptocurrency, it has also become useful in other industries.

Supply chain management has become a prominent use of blockchain. The pandemic has caused issues in the supply chain and companies have started to use blockchain to mitigate problems. A business can use it for tracking goods and managing inventory much faster than in the past. Blockchain technology is also beneficial for consumers because they can quickly find information about any product they want to buy, including its source and ingredients.

The Top Tech Trends of 2022

Technology moves fast in its evolution. Sometimes it comes out of necessity and people need ways to mitigate global crises -- like a pandemic. In 2022, the tech markets are seeing a rise in cybersecurity, edtech, blockchain, 5G and IoT. These pieces of technology will have an effect on society in 2022, the rest of the decade and beyond.

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Devin Partida writes about AI, apps and technology at ReHack.com, where she is Editor-in-Chief.

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