There is a new PowerToys utility on the way to bring a new File Actions menu to Windows 11

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Microsoft's PowerToys collection keeps on going from strength to strength, and there is always great interest in updates as users look forward to exploring what's been added. New releases come fairly swiftly, and today we're given a nice glimpse into the future as one of the developers reveals something currently being worked on.

So what does the crystal ball reveal? There is a new module in the pipeline that will add a new File Actions entry to the Windows 10 and Windows 11 context menu. From here you'll be able to choose from various actions to perform on your selected files, such creating a new folder containing the currently selected file, generating a Checksum, and numerous other options.

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Unsurprisingly, the menu is going to include links to other PowerToys modules -- such as the ability to rename files, resize images and so on -- but there are also new options to look forward to. Screenshots give an idea of what to expect, and there is a shout out for suggestions for other ideas.

Over on X, Aaron Junker made a call for requests for other inclusions in the menu as well:

Over on Reddit, the same developer made a similar post, but revealed a potential name: the File Actions menu.

Responding to ideas on Twitter, Junker pointed out that this new PowerToys module should not be regarded as a way to edit the context menu, but as an entirely separate menu:

The timeline for development and release is not yet known, but we'll keep an eye on things.

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