Google finally brings glanceable directions to Google Maps a year after announcing the feature

Google Maps glanceable directions

This time last year, Google announced a series of new features for Google Maps which it said would be rolling out in the months that followed. While most saw the light of day, others started to feel like vaporware -- notably, the intriguing "glanceable directions".

A full 12 months on, the glanceable directions feature is finally being made available to iOS and Android users. It shows directions on the lock screen of a handset, so there's no need to constantly unlock the device for updates.

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Google makes big promises of Google Maps in general, saying that "no matter what mode of transportation you're taking -- whether you're walking, biking or taking public transit -- we're making it even easier for you to get around".

When it comes to glanceable directions, the company would certainly seem to be targeting walkers and runners in making it quicker and easier to keep track of a route.

At the time the feature was first announced last year, Google said of glanceable directions:

With glanceable directions, you can track your journey right from your route overview or lock screen. You'll see updated ETAs and where to make your next turn -- information that was previously only visible by unlocking your phone, opening the app and using comprehensive navigation mode. And if you decide to take another path, we'll update your trip automatically.

The option can be found in the Navigation settings section of Settings in Google Maps.

Google Maps glanceable directions

A simple toggle lets you turn the feature on and off as required.

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