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Netscape 6 Given Applause

Netscape 6 has been applauded by The
Web Standards Project
("WaSP") for being the most standards-compliant
browser on the Web. The new browser, based on the open source Mozilla
project, now supports HTML 4, XML 1.0, CSS-1, DOM Level 1, ECMAScript, and
key components of CSS-2. According to WaSP, Netscape 6 has exceeded all
previous browsers in the support for W3C and other Web standards.

"Recently, other browsers have delivered solid support for several key Web
standards, but none goes as far as Netscape has now gone," reported Jeffrey
Zeldman, WaSP leader. "When The Web Standards Project was formed, we asked
browser makers to support five key Web standards. Netscape is the first to
do exactly what we asked."

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Another Battery Recall

Compaq has announced a worldwide recall and replacement program for more
than 55,000 battery packs used in the Armada E500 and V300 notebooks. The
suspected defect could allow the battery pack to short circuit, therefore
causing it to overheat, release smoke, and possibly catch fire. Only one
battery failure has been reported at this time.

The defect was identified in one battery pack manufactured between June 2
and July 10, 2000. This battery pack overheated and released smoke, only
damaging the Notebook computer. Compaq considers this defect a potential
risk, and is therefore providing two free battery packs for every recalled
battery pack to those eligible.

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Surf Safely with SafeWeb.com

A new web service providing security and privacy has been officially launched today. The free service, entitled SafeWeb, allows any user to type in an Internet address, and then view that page in a new "safe" browser window. The page is fetched without exposing any of your computer's details, and encrypted before being sent. Any data which is sent from your computer is also encrypted.

SafeWeb's mission is to be "nothing less than safeguarding each individual's privacy and security on the Internet." The company intends to become the Internet's first and premiere Privacy Service Provider (PSP).

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Office 10 Announced

Microsoft has today announced the next version of Office, Office 10, and has confirmed that the first beta testing phase has begun. Office 10 has been slated a major product release and is expected to deliver a breakthrough in
productivity and communication solutions. "This is the most ambitious and significant Office product release ever," said senior vice president of Office, Steven Sinofsky.

Among the announcement, Microsoft has outlined the key innovations that will
give users greater control over the way Office works. Some of the most talked about features, speech to text recognition and application and
document recovery, have been detailed in the article.

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