Another Battery Recall

Compaq has announced a worldwide recall and replacement program for more
than 55,000 battery packs used in the Armada E500 and V300 notebooks. The
suspected defect could allow the battery pack to short circuit, therefore
causing it to overheat, release smoke, and possibly catch fire. Only one
battery failure has been reported at this time.

The defect was identified in one battery pack manufactured between June 2
and July 10, 2000. This battery pack overheated and released smoke, only
damaging the Notebook computer. Compaq considers this defect a potential
risk, and is therefore providing two free battery packs for every recalled
battery pack to those eligible.

This is not the first battery recall in the last few months. Several other
computer manufacturers have also initiated battery recalls, though Compaq
believes this recall to be unrelated to any of those experienced.

If you believe your Compaq Notebook may be affected by this recall, you
should visit the official Compaq Battery Recall
web-site for identification and replacement details.

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