Netscape 6 Given Applause

Netscape 6 has been applauded by The
Web Standards Project
("WaSP") for being the most standards-compliant
browser on the Web. The new browser, based on the open source Mozilla
project, now supports HTML 4, XML 1.0, CSS-1, DOM Level 1, ECMAScript, and
key components of CSS-2. According to WaSP, Netscape 6 has exceeded all
previous browsers in the support for W3C and other Web standards.

"Recently, other browsers have delivered solid support for several key Web
standards, but none goes as far as Netscape has now gone," reported Jeffrey
Zeldman, WaSP leader. "When The Web Standards Project was formed, we asked
browser makers to support five key Web standards. Netscape is the first to
do exactly what we asked."

The compatibility between different browsers is seemingly becoming more
promising, however WaSP continued to caution that Netscape's achievement
alone will not make the Web safe for standards. "This can only work if all
browser manufacturers fully support the same standards," Zeldman said.
"Netscape's achievement is a milestone, but the battle for Web standards is
not over."

According to The Web Standards Project, Netscape 6 is not perfect. "There
are some bugs. We hope Netscape can fix them with help from the Mozilla
Project, whose open source browser is relatively free of the real-world
pressure that drove the release of Netscape 6," said Steve Champeon of the
WaSP steering committee.

The Web Standards Project is a grassroots coalition of Web developers and
users fighting for standards in our browsers. More information is available

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