Twistlock adds security to container-based applications

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The move towards containerized technologies such as Docker for creating and scaling applications is great for development times but presents challenges for enterprises when it comes too keeping apps secure.

Unveiling a security suite designed to give enterprises the visibility and control they need over their container-based applications and data, Twistlock aims to maintain security and maximize efficiency and portability.

"Enterprises are in the midst of a data center revolution," says Ben Bernstein, CEO and co-founder of Twistlock. "Twistlock’s container security suite provides the fuel enterprises need to accelerate their ability to use containers to develop, share and scale the applications that drive their business forward. With our solution, security operation teams finally have the visibility and granular controls they need over their 'Dockerized' workloads".

Containers represent a problem for enterprises, as security operations teams only see a virtual machine (or group of machines) running unknown processes being accessed by large numbers of remote systems. Twistlock understands what's really going on within a container or cluster of containers. It knows who is accessing what and which processes relate to which workloads. By plugging into the control channel that manages containers it enables intelligent inspection of containers at rest, as well as at run-time.

The Twistlock suite addresses risks on the host and within the application of the container, enabling enterprises to consistently enforce security policies, monitor and audit activity and identify and isolate threats in a single container or cluster of containers.

Key features include the ability to monitor both static container images and runtime container applications to identify risks, and to specify security baselines to ensure the host has been hardened and the application meets quality and security standards. It can protect containers deployed both in the cloud and on-premises in a virtual data center, and keep up with dynamic security concerns.

To find out more and sign up for the beta program you can visit the Twistlock website.

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