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81 percent of financially motivated attacks are ransomware

Ransomware sign

Ransomware made up 81 percent of all financially motivated cyberattacks in 2020, according to a new report from Atlas VPN.

The remainder of attacks comprised a variety of approaches including point-of-sale intrusions, eCommerce attacks, business email compromise, and cryptocurrency mining.

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2021 set to be the year of the vaccine scammers


The roll out of vaccines is seen as the light at the end of the tunnel of the COVID-19 crisis, but like any major event it's also an opportunity for scammers and cybercriminals.

Deep learning-powered fraud prevention company Bolster has released a new report which finds that leading indicators foreshadow a raft of COVID-19 vaccine scams.

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2020 saw fewer data breaches but more records exposed

data breach

The number of publicly reported breach events decreased by 48 percent in 2020. However, more than 37 billion records were compromised, an increase of 141 percent.

A report released today by Risk Based Security reveals that this is by far the most records exposed in a single year since the company began reporting in 2005.

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Careless scammers leave stolen passwords exposed online

Hacker typing username and password

Hackers responsible for a large-scale phishing campaign unintentionally left over a thousand sets of stolen log-in credentials accessible to the public via a simple Google search.

The error was uncovered by researchers at Check Point. and Otorio. The stolen credentials were stored in designated web pages on compromised servers.

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How market forces determine data value on the dark web

Lit up keyboard

We all know that following a data breach the stolen information is likely to turn up for sale on the dark web. But what's this information worth and how is its value arrived at?

Researchers at consumer website Comparitech have analyzed over 40 dark web marketplaces to find out how much credit card, Paypal, and SSN details are worth to cybercriminals.

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Over a quarter of retail apps have serious security flaws

A side effect of the pandemic over the last year has been that online shopping has boomed. But a new study from Veracode reveals that 76 percent of apps in the retail and hospitality sector contain flaws, with 26 percent having high-severity issues that require urgent attention.

Compared to other industries, however, retail and hospitality ranks second-best for overall fix rate with half of flaws remediated in just 125 days, nearly one month faster than the next-fastest sector. While this may seem lengthy, half of flaws across all industries remain unfixed for much longer and some may never be fixed at all.

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CISO priorities for 2021

As we move into 2021, CISOs continue to have to deal with securely connecting a remote workforce while addressing other pressing initiatives to protect their organization from an evolving range of threats.

Continuous compromise assessment company Lumu has produced an infographic based on a survey of cybersecurity leaders across North and Latin America looking at how they plan to prioritize their investments.

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Rookout improves visibility into third-party code

World map with code

Increasingly developers are reliant on code modules that weren't created in house and when it comes to debugging applications this third-party code can present a problem.

Now though debugging platform Rookout is announcing new functionality that makes it easier for developers to debug other people's code.

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More cross-team collaboration needed to deliver digital transformation

A new global survey of 700 CIOs reveals IT leaders have growing concerns about their ability to keep up with digital transformation.

The study from software intelligence company Dynatrace shows 89 percent of CIOs say digital transformation has already accelerated, and 58 percent predict it will continue to speed up.

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Cryptojacking malware increases as Bitcoin hits new highs


Researchers from Avira Protection Labs have recorded a 53 percent increase in coinminer malware attacks in Q4 2020 compared to the previous quarter.

With the Bitcoin price reaching a new all-time high earlier this month, this points to a connection between the rapid price rise and increased coinminer malware activity as criminals seek to cash in.

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Over half of organizations suffer malware incidents on remote devices


According to a new report from mobile security specialist Wandera 52 percent of organizations experienced a malware incident on a remote device in 2020, up from 37 percent in 2019.

The report is based on captured data from Wandera's global network of 425 million sensors across both corporate-owned and BYOD assets, making it the world’s largest and most insightful mobile data set.

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Happy Birthday Wikipedia -- 20 today

The world's biggest free encyclopedia turns 20 years old today. It has more than 55 million articles that can be accessed in over 300 languages, for free, all created by volunteers.

The Wikimedia Foundation and Wikipedia's volunteer communities are involved in developing tools and programs to expand the quantity and diversity of Wikipedia content as well as modernizing its technology to meet the needs of the future and enhancing volunteers' ability to combat disinformation with better resources and insights.

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Over 22 billion records exposed in breaches in 2020

data breach

From January through October 2020 there have 730 publicly disclosed events resulting in over 22 billion records exposed worldwide according to a new report from Tenable's Security Response Team (SRT).

Of breaches analyzed 35 percent were linked to ransomware attacks, resulting in major financial cost, while 14 percent of breaches were the result of email compromises.

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Why testing is vital to securing modern enterprises [Q&A]

penetration testing

Security testing has gained in visibility in recent years and can undoubtedly help improve the security posture of a business.

But cybercriminals frequently shift tactics and develop new ideas, so testers can’t afford to stand still and must keep up with and anticipate trends.

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New tool helps businesses secure their IT assets

One of the major challenges faced by IT and security teams is that they don't have a clear picture or understanding of all their assets -- laptops, servers, cloud, virtual, and IoT.

This leads to a lot of time and effort trying to identify what they have and decide whether it complies with security policies. Device security platform Armis is launching a new standalone asset management solution that's designed to deliver better visibility.

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