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UK ransomware victims most likely to pay up

UK piggy bank

A new study from anti-malware specialist Malwarebytes reveals that UK users are most likely to pay up if hit by ransomware.

The study of over 1,000 companies across the US, France, UK, Germany, Australia, and Singapore reveals that 56.9 percent of UK businesses surveyed opted not to pay the ransom, and 46.2 percent lost files by not paying. In comparison, 84.1 percent of French businesses surveyed opted not to pay the ransom, and only 24.5 percent lost files.

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Two-thirds of consumers suspect governments abuse their powers to access data


According to a new study 51 percent of people don’t believe their government can protect their personal data, and nearly two-thirds (65 percent) suspect their government already abuses its powers to access the data of citizens.

Identity protection company Venafi surveyed 3,000 consumers in the US, UK and Germany about initiatives that would grant governments more access to private, encrypted data.

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More than half of companies fail to measure the effectiveness of their cyber security

security meter

With businesses spending increasing amounts on cyber security, a new survey reveals that many of them are failing to measure the effectiveness of their investments.

The study from privileged account management specialist Thycotic found 58 percent of its 400 respondents scored a failing grade on a benchmark survey when evaluating their efforts to measure their cybersecurity investments and performance against best practices.

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Brexit negotiations could be hit by DDoS attacks


Hackers could use DDoS to disrupt the Brexit negotiations for the UK's leaving the European Union, or use attacks as a distraction technique while they seek to steal confidential documents or data, according to new research.

The study by Corero Network Security polled 100 security professionals at the Infosecurity Europe conference in London and found 57 percent believe Brexit negotiations will be disrupted by DDoS attacks.

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New AI system helps overcome the cyber security skills gap

business security

Enterprises are under constant attack from increasingly sophisticated cyber adversaries, but they are struggling to recruit people with cyber security skills.

Automation is the answer that many are turning to and cyber defense specialist DarkLight is launching its latest software which has AI that is trained to think and act like a human analyst.

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Exploring the psychology of ransomware

ransom note

In recent months we've seen high profile ransomware attacks target many businesses, and we've seen cyber criminals making greater efforts to target their victims.

A new study from endpoint protection company SentinelOne and De Montfort University has been looking at how social engineering tactics are used by cyber criminals to manipulate and elicit payments from victims.

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Threat hunting becomes critical to defeating cyber crime


Security company McAfee is using this week's Black Hat conference to release a new report examining the role of cyber threat hunting and the evolution of the security operations center (SOC).

Among its findings are that on average, 71 percent of the most advanced SOCs closed incident investigations in less than a week and 37 percent closed threat investigations in less than 24 hours.

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Organizations expect to fail if digital transformation is unsuccessful

digital transformation

Enterprises are investing heavily in digital transformation projects, with 83 percent of senior IT leaders spending up to $10 million on them in the past year.

Yet, 54 percent believe their company will be out-innovated and may fail in under five years according to the findings of a new survey from NoSQL data platform Couchbase.

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90 percent of consumers think security should be built into IoT devices

Internet of things

With increasing numbers of connected devices entering our homes and workplaces, their security is becoming a major concern as they can offer hackers an attractive backdoor into networks.

A new survey from digital platform security company Irdeto shows that 90 percent of consumers across six countries think security should be built in, and 78 percent are aware that smart devices connected to their networks have the potential to be targeted.

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How tech companies stack up for pay and corporate culture

Employee cash

Technology companies are some of the biggest players in the business world, yet many still like to see themselves as being 'cool' places to work.

A new study from compensation data specialist PayScale looks at a number of factors across 52 of the world's largest technology companies, comparing compensation, tenure, job satisfaction, and intent to leave, with some surprising results.

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New enterprise file platform helps overcome storage limitations

cloud storage

With the rise of public and private clouds, enterprise file storage has become much more complex in recent years.

Aimed at simplifying storage and removing capacity limitations, the latest Enterprise File Services Platform from CTERA Networks allows users to securely access, share and protect an unlimited number of files in the cloud as if they were stored locally on their desktop or on shared network drives.

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AI-based platform improves security teams' response

AI security

With risks showing no signs of declining, and security skills in short supply, companies are increasingly looking at machine-driven solutions to protect their networks.

AI security company JASK is launching a new platform called JASK Trident which uses AI to facilitate machine driven alert triage, malicious behavior detection, and investigations into those behaviors.

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New analytics platform unlocks mobile data for marketing

Mobile analytics

Businesses are increasingly offering mobile apps to their customers and these have the potential to deliver a great deal of valuable information. Turning that data into something useful though can be a challenge.

Mobile marketing specialist Swrve is launching a Premium Analytics add-on to its existing Swrve Mobile Engagement Platform, aimed at giving improved insights, reporting and analytics capabilities.

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New intelligence service allows companies to protect their digital identity

Business Computing

Hackers often seek to imitate well-known companies in order to cash in on events as we saw in the wake of the recent WannaCry attacks.

It’s therefore important for companies to be aware of their digital presence and know if they are being impersonated online. Threat management company RiskIQ is launching a Digital Footprint Snapshot to provide an on-demand intelligence report of a firm's internet-facing digital assets.

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Zoho launches one-stop cloud business suite for SMBs

Zoho One

Productivity software company Zoho has long offered packages for CRM, business email and more.

It's now going after the SMB market with the launch of Zoho One, an all-in-one cloud business suite offering straightforward pricing and centralized control.

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