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Picking the database that works for all your stakeholders [Q&A]

Databases are employed by all kinds of businesses, but deciding which one to use can be a tricky decision. Once you've chosen a solution it’s a lot of work to switch to a different one.

But also different stakeholders within the enterprise have different requirements from a database and different views on which features are important.

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Robocall bot goes after one-time passwords

robot call center

We're all encouraged to use multi-factor authentication to protect our online accounts. Very often this involves a one-time passcode (OTP) sent via an SMS message.

This makes life harder for the cybercriminals even if they have your password, but the team at CyberNews has uncovered a new robocall bot that aims to trick users into giving up their OTPs.

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Initial Access Brokers refine their ransomware-as-a-service model

ransomware key

We've looked before at the phenomenon of Initial Access Brokers, cybercriminals who breach systems and then sell access to the highest bidder.

It seems that during the pandemic IABs have been busy improving their business model. New research from threat intelligence company KELA shows that pricing is often determined by company size and the level of privilege on offer within the compromised network, with $5,400 as the average price for network access, and $1,000 as the median price.

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Who's afraid of the big bad IT department?

worried man

Who would be scared to contact their IT department? Quite a lot of people according to a new survey from Velocity Smart Technology, which interviewed 2,000 US office workers.

It finds 60 percent say they've had a negative experience with their IT department, either because they've felt patronized, intimated or frustrated at the length of the time they've to wait to resolve issues.

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51 percent of cybersecurity professionals experience burnout

workplace stress

The challenges of the last year and a half, along with major cyberattacks, like that on Colonial Pipeline, have had a major impact on security professionals, with 51 percent reporting experiencing extreme stress or burnout.

The latest Global Incident Response Threat Report released today by VMware finds 65 percent saying they've considered leaving their job because of stress.

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Automation projects held back by security and data concerns


A new report shows that 70 percent of automation initiatives are being hindered by security concerns and data silos, as organizations increasingly look to automation to improve efficiency and productivity.

The IT and Business Alignment Barometer from MuleSoft does offer some hope though as it shows companies can overcome these challenges and enable faster innovation across their organizations if IT and business teams work closely together.

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Let's hear it for system administrators!

Today, just in case you hadn't noticed, is System Administration Appreciation Day. Over the last year the work of sysadmins has been in the spotlight as businesses have struggled to ensure remote access.

A new report from Netwrix finds that 66 percent of system administrators have had to deal with an increased workload.

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Effective data strategy gives enterprises a competitive advantage

Businesses are increasingly recognizing the value of data, but most acknowledge that they could do better in using it to drive business transformation.

A new report from DataStax, based on a survey of over 500 technology executives and practitioners, reveals that while 96 percent of respondents say they have some level of a data strategy, only 38 percent of enterprises give themselves top grades when it comes to using data to create value for customers.

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New software improves ransomware resilience and recovery

ransomware laptop

Ransomware attacks are growing in severity and volume, bringing increasing costs and financial, legal, and other challenges.

Businesses need to be sure they can recover from an attack and data management specialist Zerto aims to provide the means with its latest offering Zerto 9.

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Phishing attack spoofs WeTransfer notifications

File transfers

Despite the rise of cloud-based collaboration services it's still common for people to exchange information and documents by email. Of course you still need a way of handling larger attachments.

The latest social engineering attack uncovered by Armorblox spoofs a file-sharing notice from the popular WeTransfer platform that's used by individuals and businesses alike.

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43 percent of cloud identities are abandoned and unused

A new analysis of platforms including AWS, Google and Salesforce, involving 200,000 identities and hundreds of millions of cloud assets reveals that 43 percent of all cloud identities sit abandoned and unused.

The report from Varonis points out that this also means they are exposed and vulnerable, making an organization a target for account takeovers.

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API attack traffic grows more than 300 percent


In the past six months overall API traffic has increased 141 percent but in the same time period, API attack traffic has grown by a startling 348 percent.

A new report from Salt Security reveals significant challenges in addressing API security, with all Salt customers experiencing API attacks, security topping the list of API program concerns, and very few respondents feeling confident they can identify and stop API attacks.

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Cybersecurity skills crisis impacts more than half of organizations

Vacant chair

The cybersecurity skills crisis has impacted 57 percent of organizations, according to the fifth annual global study of cybersecurity professionals by the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) and industry analyst firm Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG).

The survey of almost 500 security professionals finds the top effects of the skills shortage include an increasing workload for the cybersecurity team (62 percent), unfilled open job vacancies (38 percent), and high burnout among staff (38 percent).

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Cloud migration shows no signs of slowing down

cloud migration

According to a new study 31 percent of companies have moved workloads to the cloud within the last six months compared to only 18 percent six months ago.

Based on a survey of almost 1,000 IT decision makers, the report from cloud migration specialist Next Pathway shows 36 percent are migrating to the cloud to prevent customers from leaving for more personalized solutions offered by competitors that are using the cloud to enable a superior digital experience.

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Mainframe applications still key to business strategy

According to a new study from the IBM Institute for Business Value, 71 percent of executives surveyed say mainframe-based applications are central to their business strategy.

Also, in three years, the percentage of organizations using mainframe assets in a hybrid cloud environment is expected to increase by more than two times.

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