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Talent shortage holds back data analytics projects


Although organizations are becoming more data driven, projects are being held back by a shortage of skilled staff according to a new study.

The research by data science specialist Alteryx surveyed IT decision makers across the UK and five other countries in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) and Asia-Pacific (APAC) and finds 77 percent agree that data is a critical corporate asset for driving the business forward.

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UK government scraps controversial plans for adult site age checks

adult content

The UK government's plans for age verification checks on porn site users, which were delayed in June of this year, have now been scrapped, the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport announced today.

The checks would have required users to register a credit card or buy a 'porn pass' in order to access adult material online.

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AI powered automation platform streamlines IT support tasks

robot call center

Artificial intelligence is making its presence felt in many areas, not least maintaining and controlling IT infrastructure.

Intelligent automation company Ayehu is releasing its next generation (NG) IT Automation and Orchestration Platform aiming to offer more control and flexibility, ultimately driving increased productivity.

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New platform aims to cut shadow IT use and cloud waste

Shadow IT

Shadow IT is a problem for enterprises as it leaves them open to attack but also to waste from idle cloud resources.

Aiming to cut both shadow IT and unguarded cloud sprawl, CloudBolt is launching a new platform for the provisioning and management of computing and Kubernetes resources.

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Delta Lake to be hosted by the Linux Foundation

data lake

All organizations want to get more value from their data, but can be hampered by the lack of reliable information within data lakes.

The Delta Lake project addresses data reliability challenges by making transactions ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability) compliant enabling concurrent reads and writes. It also helps to ensure that the data lake is free of corrupt and not-conformant data.

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Pixelbook Go is a smart, competitively-priced Chromebook

Pixelbook Go Not Pink

Google's original Pixelbook launched back in 2017, and two years on the company is launching a new lighter, thinner version called the Pixelbook Go.

Weighing around two pounds and only 13mm thick, the Go offers up to 12 hours battery life, backlit keyboard and a 13.3-inch 1080p touchscreen. Top end models will feature a 4K display.

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New privileged access solution improves security and control

Admin login

Many data breaches involve some form of compromised credentials and the problem is made worse where accounts have privileged access.

ManageEngine, the enterprise IT division of Zoho, is launching a new product called PAM360, a complete solution to prevent the exploitation of accounts with privileged access.

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IT executives struggle to manage spending effectively

Executive spend

Wasted technology spend accounts for 30 percent of all IT spending according to the latest State of Tech Spend report from Flexera.

The average IT spend is 8.2 percent of revenue, but larger businesses (with more than 10,000 employees) this rises to 9.3 percent of revenue. 56 percent of respondents expect to increase their spending

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Symantec launches new endpoint security solution for businesses

Endpoint protection

Endpoints are generally the part of any network that is most vulnerable to attack, but as the number and diversity of devices expands, defending the endpoint effectively is a major challenge.

Symantec is aiming to make life easier with the launch of Endpoint Security Complete, offering organizations a single solution for protection, detection and response, as well as new attack surface reduction and breach assessment and prevention capabilities.

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56 percent of IT security pros admit their infrastructure has gaps

Attack route

New research released by AttackIQ based on a study by the Ponemon Institute reveals some worrying trends on the level of accountability for IT security and a lack of confidence in determining the effectiveness of security technologies.

Ponemon surveyed over 570 IT and IT security practitioners in the US and finds 63 percent of survey respondents say their IT security leadership doesn't report to the board on a regular basis, and 40 percent say they don't report to the board at all.

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Updated platform improves security at the edge

Edge security

As mobile and cloud computing use increases it creates security, performance, quality and cost issues for organizations.

Akamai is launching enhancements to its Intelligent Edge Platform which will enable businesses to address security, media delivery, and web performance challenges by utilizing distributed workloads and intelligence closest to the digital touchpoint where the user interacts with data and applications.

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Which countries are best at protecting your privacy?

Globe data

We all know that standards of privacy and surveillance vary around the world. But which places are best at protecting your privacy?

Research from security testing site Comparitech finds that no single country is consistent in protecting the privacy of its citizens, most are actively monitoring citizens, and only five could be deemed to have 'adequate safeguards'.

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Updated platform helps assess industrial control system risk

refinery industry

Increasing overlap of IT systems with operational technology and industrial control systems poses a range of cybersecurity risks.

Visibility and control specialist Forescout Technologies wants to help organizations uncover and manage these risks with the addition of a new Asset Risk Framework to its its industrial control system security solution SilentDefense.

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IBM launches grant to promote diversity in the open source community

IBM logo

IBM is reinforcing its commitment to diversity and inclusion in the open source field with the launch of the IBM Open Source Community Grant.

Announced at this week's All Things Open conference in Raleigh, NC, the grant -- which will be awarded quarterly -- will see the winner receive $25k in cash and $25k in Cloud Credits in order to support their efforts dedicated to education and skill building for women, minorities, and/or under-served communities.

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Employees want automation to free them from tedious tasks

robot office worker

More than half the workforce (54 percent) believe they could save five hours or more from tools that automate tasks.

A report from collaboration tool monday.com based on a survey of 1,000 US employees shows over 32 percent would choose to eliminate repetitive administrative tasks if they could improve one thing about work.

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