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Ninety-five percent of enterprise executives don't trust their data

Skeptical businessman

A mere five percent of enterprise executives have a high level of confidence in their data according to a new study.

The research conducted by HFS Research in conjunction with data management company Syniti also finds nearly half of respondents are significantly under-utilizing their data resources due to the lack of an effective data management strategy.

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How an open charging network could boost EV adoption [Q&A]

Electric car charging

Although there has been a surge of interest in electric vehicles brought about by governments legislating to phase out internal combustion power, many people are put off by the difficulties of charging, made more of a challenge by the number of different networks each needing its own app, card or token.

A new company EVPassport wants to build an open charging network, allowing EV drivers to use an API-based system integrated into an app like Google Maps, or simply scan a QR code on the charger. We spoke to its CEO and co-founder, Aaron Fisher to find out more.

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Google introduces new features to protect passwords

Google building logo

Google is taking steps to make people's accounts more secure by announcing two initiatives to mark World Password Day.

Firstly it's automatically enrolling all Google account users in two-factor authentication. This will begin with accounts that are appropriately configured for this transition. You can see whether your account is ready in Security Checkup.

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Hints and tips for World Password Day

Stealing password from code

Today is World Password Day, in case you hadn't already noticed, a day to promote better password management and safer password choices.

With billions of sets of stolen credentials circulating on the dark web, naturally there is plenty of advice and opinions on offer from the industry, so here's a look at some of what experts are saying about passwords, the vulnerabilities they represent and how they might be replaced.

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Third-party marketplaces are driving hyperscale cloud adoption


Although many cloud providers offer a marketplace for additional products and services, it's the marketplaces of the big three 'hyperscale' clouds --Azure, AWS and Google Cloud -- that are by far the largest.

New research from enterprise search company Sinequa finds that these marketplaces are a big draw, with 93 percent of respondents reporting the marketplaces make the big three clouds more attractive as a platform.

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Surprise, surprise, consumers don't like passwords

Change password

There will doubtless be a lot of comment surrounding today's World Password Day (watch this space) but to kick off we'll start with a new survey which shows that people aren’t keen on passwords at all.

The study from identity verification and authentication company Onfido reveals a variety of unpleasant activities that people would rather engage in than create a unique password.

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There's a Starlink waiting in the sky -- it may not blow your mind though

Elon Musk's Starlink is a project aimed at delivering fast broadband via satellite to rural areas left behind by fiber rollouts.

But research from Ookla, the company behind Speedtest.net, suggests that its performance is somewhat variable, much faster than fixed broadband in some areas but a lot slower in others.

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New pack helps developers manage open source licenses and compliance

Although many organizations rely on the software, managing open source licenses and compliance can be a difficult and time-consuming task.

Supply chain management tools specialist Sonatype is launching an Advanced Legal Pack using machine learning and artificial intelligence to automate open source license compliance.

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Enterprises turn to Kubernetes to handle big data

Kubernetes is rapidly becoming the standard for cloud and on-premises data workloads according to a new study from big data performance management company Pepperadata.

The study of 800 participants shows the motivations for adopting the container platform include improving resource utilization for reduced cloud costs (30 percent). While 23 percent want to enable their migration to the cloud; 18 percent to shorten deployment cycles; 15 percent to make their platforms and applications cloud-agnostic; and 14 percent to containerize monolithic apps.

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Poor collaboration between security and networking harms transformation projects

office argument

While 49 percent of security teams and 44 percent of networking teams report to the same boss, 37 percent of IT professionals state that these teams don't really work together much.

A new report from security cloud company Netskope shows that 50 percent of global CIOs -- and 51 percent of respondents generally -- say a lack of collaboration between specialist teams stops their organization from realizing the benefits of digital transformation.

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New developer tool automates security testing

Software testing

As the speed and complexity of software development increases, security and development teams have seen the need to integrate and automate security testing within their development workflows.

But doing this can slow development pipelines and overwhelm teams with large volumes of testing results, many of which don't require immediate attention. To address this Synopsys is unveiling its new Intelligent Orchestration solution at the RSA Conference later this month.

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New platform offers safe, self-service data sharing

real-time data

In order to get the best value from data it's important that it's accessible to the right people in the business at the time they need it.

Data privacy specialist Privitar is announcing a new data provisioning platform that makes self-service data available safely, at scale, to the people who need it.

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Updated platform helps enterprises adapt to security in a post-pandemic world

2Fa phone

The digital transformation efforts spurred by COVID 19 have created major problems for enterprises in navigating privacy and security and put identity security high on the priorities list for this shift to a new, flexible work model

Identity management platform SecureAuth has announced updates to its platform to allow businesses to address these challenges.

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Security is the top risk to enterprise multi-cloud adoption

cloud key

New research from IT services provider Ensono finds that security is the biggest concern for IT professionals considering, or already using, multi-cloud strategies.

UK IT professionals rate security, governance and cost optimization as their top three concerns for multi-cloud strategies, while security, cost optimization and maintaining a positive end user experience are the top concerns in the US.

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Why the CI/CD pipeline is vulnerable to attack [Q&A]

open digital lock

Recent high-profile supply chain attacks such as SolarWinds have highlighted how vulnerable the software development pipeline can be.

To find out more about why the CI/CD pipeline is particularly vulnerable to attacks and what can be done to prevent them, we spoke to Vickie Li, developer evangelist at ShiftLeft, which has just launched a new product, ShiftLeft CORE, aimed at reducing risk to the software code base.

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