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What's small, blue and protects your network? Firewalla! [Review]

Firewalla Blue

The current shift towards remote working has shone a spotlight on the security of home networks and the potential risk they present to corporate information.

While there are various software options you can employ to offer more protection, Firewalla has a different solution in the form of a tiny box that you plug into your router.

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Emotet returns to top the malware charts after a five month break

Malware spy

Following a five month absence, Emotet has returned to number one spot in the malware charts in the latest Global Threat Index for July from Check Point Research.

Since February 2020, Emotet's activities -- primarily sending waves of malspam campaigns -- started to slow down and eventually stopped, until re-emerging in July. This pattern echoes 2019 when the Emotet botnet ceased activity during the summer months but resumed in September.

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How a software company has innovated its way out of lockdown [Q&A]

innovation lightbulb moment

Lockdowns have presented a challenge for all businesses and it's clear that some have handled the situation better than others.

We sat down with Neil Everatt, CEO of Selenity to discuss how the business has been coping during lockdown and what changes to productivity and innovation he’s seen.

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COVID-19 has minimal impact on software quality assurance teams

quality dial

The pandemic hasn't caused too much disruption for quality assurance teams according to a survey from software testing company Kobiton.

There have been issues though ranging from team collaboration and communication to alignment with other DevOps teams. 40 percent of respondents report minor disruptions to their QA processes, and 33 percent say they’ve experienced minor delays in their product release cycles.

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Attackers bypass multi-factor authentication to hijack email accounts

Malicious email

Researchers at Abnormal Security have detected an increase in business email compromise attacks that successfully compromise email accounts despite the use of multi-factor authentication (MFA) and Conditional Access.

This is possible because legacy email protocols, including IMAP, SMTP, MAPI and POP, don't support MFA. In addition many common applications -- such as those used by mobile email clients (for example, iOS Mail for iOS 10 and older) -- don't support modern authentication.

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The future of endpoint management [Q&A]

endpoint data

It's frequently the case that the weakest part of any business network is the endpoints used to access it. A problem that's only been exaggerated by the shift to remote working driven by the coronavirus pandemic.

What can businesses do to improve their endpoint management and keep their data secure? We spoke to senior technical product manager Richard Melick at cloud-based device management specialist Automox to find out.

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94 percent of businesses hit by cyberattacks in the last year

Cyber attack

Cyber exposure company Tenable has published a global industry study, carried out by Forrester Consulting, that reveals the vast majority of organizations (94 percent) have experienced a business-impacting cyberattack in the past 12 months.

Yet despite this only four out of 10 security leaders say they can answer the fundamental question, 'How secure, or at risk, are we?' with a high level of confidence.

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IT leaders are unhappy with their data management and data warehousing solutions


New research published today by intelligent integration platform SnapLogic reveals that 83 percent of organizations are not fully satisfied with the performance and output of their data management and data warehousing initiatives.

The study carried out by independent research firm Vanson Bourne, finds that the average organization has 115 distinct applications and data sources across their enterprise, but almost half of them (49 percent) are siloed and disconnected from one another.

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UK consumers look for higher broadband speeds

fibre broadband

We reported yesterday on how lockdown has impacted broadband speeds around the world, although the UK has been less affected than some, new research from NTT DATA UK shows that connectivity is still an issue for many people.

The survey of 2,000 UK consumers shows that 49 percent have struggled with the speed of their broadband during lockdown and 31 percent have struggled to find reliable mobile phone signals.

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Why Generation Z are the fully digital pioneers [Q&A]

digital pioneer

The Center for Generational Kinetics and WordPress platform WP Engine recently released a study looking at the digital habits of Europeans born between 1996-2015.

It shows that Generation Z has become the most internet-dependent generation, but what does this mean both for the Gen Zers themselves and the wider digital community? We spoke to Fabio Torlini, EMEA MD at WP Engine to find out.

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Visits to high risk apps and websites increase 161 percent

endpoint security

There's been a huge shift to remote working this year, but new data shows that there has also been a 161 percent increase in visits to high-risk apps and websites as personal use of managed devices has nearly doubled.

The study from cloud security company Netskope finds that 64 percent of workers are now remote. Along with this increase in remote work has come an 80 percent increase in the use of collaboration apps as remote workers seek to remain connected with their colleagues

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Enterprise IT staff spend one month a year managing identity and access

password on tablet

Anyone who's worked on a help desk or in tech support will know that a high percentage of requests relate to granting access to systems or resetting passwords.

In fact IT personnel expend a full month of work (21 days) each year on mundane identity and access management (IAM) tasks such as resetting passwords and tracking app usage, according to a study by password management company 1Password.

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ISPs are hit hardest by COVID-19 disruption


We've already seen how lockdowns have been affecting internet speeds around the world, but what other impact has the pandemic been having on the web?

A new Internet Performance Report from ThousandEyes looks at the availability and performance of internet-related networks, including those of Internet Service Providers (ISPs), public cloud, Content Delivery Network (CDN) and Domain Name System (DNS) providers.

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Malware attacks using machine identities continue to increase

Attack button

Malware attacks using machine identities doubled from 2018 to 2019 and have increased eight fold over the last decade.

New threat analysis from machine identity management company Venafi looks at security incidents and third-party reports in the public domain, including high-profile campaigns such as, TrickBot, Skidmap, Kerberods and CryptoSink.

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How lockdown has affected global broadband speeds

Broadband speed dial

Average broadband speeds during COVID-19 lockdown measures that limited people's activities dropped by an average of 6.31 percent globally, according to a new report.

Internet advice site Cable.co.uk analyzed data from the Oxford Coronavirus Government Response Tracker (OxCGRT), and over 364 million broadband speed tests courtesy of M-Lab to compare average internet speeds in 114 countries both during and outside of their most stringent COVID-19 lockdown periods.

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