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WannaCry was most Americans’ first experience of ransomware


Although ransomware in some form has been around since 2005, a new survey of 5,000 US consumers reveals that for 57 percent the recent WannaCry attack was their first exposure to how it works.

The study by endpoint security company Carbon Black also shows that seven out of 10 consumers would consider leaving a business if it were hit by ransomware.

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Dynamically generated whitelists help stop hackers

endpoint protection

Whitelists have traditionally been used as a way of limiting what users can do, but they're time consuming to maintain and keep up to date.

Florida-based Terra Privacy is addressing this with a system where destinations are continually inserted and removed from the whitelist in real-time, in concert with the user's activities.

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83 percent of security staff waste time fixing other IT problems

desktop support

A new survey of security professionals reveals that 83 percent say colleagues in other departments turn to them to fix personal computer problems.

The study by security management company FireMon shows a further 80 percent say this is taking up more than an hour of their working week, which in a year could equate to more than $88,000.

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Intelligent bot software can automate up to 80 percent of business processes

robot worker

Bots are increasingly being used in the automation of business processes, but up to now their capabilities using rule-based Robotic Process Automation (RPA) have tended to be somewhat limited.

But now Automation Anywhere is launching what it calls IQ Bots, software bots capable of studying, learning and mimicking human behavior for intelligent process automation.

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Current enterprise networks are not ready for Office 365

group young business it network server room solving help support

Business are keen to take advantage of the advantages offered by Office 365, but a new study reveals that often their networks are not up to handling it.

The survey from cloud security company Zscaler finds that majority of respondents (64 percent) are concerned about the impact Office 365 has on their bandwidth and latency.

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One year from GDPR, organizations are struggling to get compliant by the deadline

Data protection

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force on May 25th 2018, but a new survey by data protection company Varonis shows companies are struggling to meet the deadline and are pessimistic about its effects.

The results from 500 IT decision makers in the UK, Germany, France and the US, reveal that 75 percent of organizations say they will struggle to be ready for the deadline.

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New digital assistant answers data-related questions

data magnifier

In our private lives we're used to getting answers quickly from digital assistants. So far though this is something that hasn't really taken off in business environments.

That could be about to change as data search specialist Knoema launches Yodatai, a bot that's designed to answer data-related questions.

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HP software helps turn old PCs into thin clients

HP Thin Client

As software moves towards the cloud, many companies are opting for thin client architecture on the desktop. But this involves an investment in new hardware that may strain restricted budgets.

HP has used this week's Citrix Synergy event to launch its Thin Client Conversion Suite, allowing old PCs to be turned into a thin client solution at low cost.

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Kaspersky launches Threat Intelligence Portal for businesses

Hidden security threat

Companies have to deal with an increasing number of cyber threats. To allow them to stay in touch with this ever evolving landscape they need up to date intelligence.

With the launch of its Threat Intelligence Portal, Kaspersky Lab is enabling security operation center operators to be able to work more efficiently while facing hundreds and thousands of threat alerts.

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Credential stuffing tools help hackers break into accounts

hacker username password login

With thousands of stolen account details available for sale on the web, cyber criminals are turning to new methods using them efficiently to try to break into accounts.

According to a new report by risk analysis specialist Digital Shadows, 'credential stuffing' tools are the latest technique being used to automate attempts at account takeover.

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Emails beat social media in the battle for consumer engagement

marketing compass

It's easy to believe that marketing to younger generations would be best conducted via social media, but a new survey shows that email is still a more effective tool.

The study from email marketing brand Campaigner looks at the preferences of online shoppers and revealed insights into how to most effectively market to different consumer generations.

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New open source database designed for enterprise users

Business database server

Businesses are looking for database technology that increases their agility, scalability, security, and supports a range of different use cases, at the same time keeping down costs.

On the other hand developers want a database that is open and extensible, and lets them easily develop many different types of application.

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New software adds secure authentication to any enterprise application

enterprise security login authentication verification user password

Increased numbers of phishing and other cyber attacks are putting companies under greater pressure to secure their applications.

Conventionally this requires re-coding or other work to achieve, but new software from behavioral firewall specialist Preempt lets organizations add secure authentication to any enterprise application.

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Phishers cash in on WannaCry attack


The UK's ActionFraud cyber crime reporting center is warning customers of BT’s internet services of a phishing scam claiming to protect against WannaCry-style attacks.

The emails claim that BT has launched preventative measures to protect data on an international scale and try to get recipients to click on a link to a 'security upgrade'.

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Digital assistants set to outnumber people by 2021

digital assistant

The number of digital assistants installed is on track to exceed 7.5 billion by 2012, which is more than the world population.

According to technology research company Ovum, Google Assistant will dominate the voice AI–capable device market with 23.3 percent market share, followed by Samsung's Bixby (14.5 percent), Apple's Siri (13.1 percent), Amazon's Alexa (3.9 percent), and Microsoft's Cortana (2.3 percent).

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