Chromecast Ethernet adaptor overcomes Wi-Fi problems


Google's Chromecast has gained quite a following of people looking for a cheap, simple way to stream content to their TVs. Part of the device's appeal is its ease of use and extensibility through the use of apps, but it is reliant on a steady Wi-Fi signal. If this represents a problem in your home, there's now a solution.

The new Ethernet Adapter for Chromecast does very much what you would expect -- it adds a wired Ethernet port to Google's streaming dongle. This is great news for anyone with a flaky Wi-Fi signal, or those looking to use Chromecast beyond their router's normal range.

Google's new accessory costs a mere $15 and is a simple adaptor that sits between the Chromecast and its power supply. You'll need to supply your own Ethernet cable but that aside, your $15 gets you everything you need to connect your Chromecast directly to your network.

Google describes it as a "wired connection for hard-to-reach Wi-Fi spots in your home", but it's also a great solution for anyone battling through airwaves crowded with other wireless devices. Supporting speeds of up to 100Mbps the adaptor should also help to improve the reliability of your Chromecast connection.

Hit the Google Store if you want to grab one.

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