BlueStacks 2 brings multi-tasking of Android apps to Windows


Popular Android emulator BlueStacks has been updated to version 2.0 with some major new features.

Launch an app and it now opens in a browser-like tab, allowing users to play multiple apps simultaneously.

This is true multi-tasking, too, so you can stream music or video in one tab, maybe leave your messenger open, while you play games in another.

A new left-hand toolbar gives easy access to a bunch of essential supporting features, including taking screenshots, setting your location, installing an APK, transferring files from Windows, copy and pasting data to and from the local clipboard, and more.

This all looks good to us, but if you don't need the clutter, BlueStacks can run full-screen at a click for truly immersive gameplay.

The new release also doubles its storage space to 32GB (16GB internal storage, 16GB SD card), although this only applies to new installs. Upgrading won't give you any more room, and the official advice is:

"You may need to proceed with a fresh install, post uninstalling existing BlueStacks completely (without data preserve)".

(That’ll be the strategy previously known as "start again".)

BlueStacks is a free Android emulator for Windows XP and later.

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