Google Inbox makes it easier to manage links, newsletters and calendar events


When it comes to email, Google is about more than just Gmail. With Inbox, Google has looked to simplify and automate email, and today the company announces three new features that take this further.

But Google doesn't think that 'features' is strong enough a word; instead these are 'experiences'. Specifically, there are new experiences that make it easier to keep track of calendar events, manage the links you email to yourself, and view all of the newsletters you subscribe to.

Inbox is all about keeping -- or making -- things as simple as possible. This is what the new newsletter overview feature does, providing a quick preview so you can click through to the articles you are interested in reading. In a similar vein, Inbox now handles emails relating to events slightly differently -- emails from different people that relate to the same event will be grouped together to save hunting high and low for information, making it easy to keep track of changing plans.

Google also explains that changes have been made to the way Inbox handles links:

Lastly, your inbox is much more than just the emails sent to you. Chances are you've emailed yourself a link or two (or three) -- to an article you want to read later or a recipe you want to try. Now instead of sending yourself a bunch of separate emails, try the new "Save to Inbox" feature to easily save links for later.

To take advantage of the new features on iOS or Android you'll need to install the latest version of the apps, or you can make use of the new Inbox by Gmail Chrome extension on web.

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