IT departments need to adapt faster to change

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The fast-changing IT environment of today is forcing companies to reconsider their approach to IT, as they believe that can help them stand out in the crowd of their competitors.

However, the process is quite challenging. Those are the general conclusions of a new research released by managed services provider Claranet.

The research polled 900 IT decision makers in the UK, France, Germany, Span, Portugal and the Benelux about fast changing business models and in 46 percent of cases it’s very challenging.

A year before, 35 percent of those surveyed thought it to be a challenge, showing how demanding the environment is becoming. The number of businesses struggling to adapt is even higher in the UK -- 54 percent.

"Our research shows that the IT department needs a fundamental rethink of how it approaches innovation and development. Traditionally, IT departments have incrementally upgraded their capabilities, adding new features sequentially", said Michel Robert, Claranet’s UK managing director. "While this pace of development was acceptable in the past, and often the only pace permitted by infrastructure and software development limitations, it is now no longer agile enough to satisfy the needs of modern businesses".

He also says these departments need to adopt more progressive approaches to information technology management, focusing on app-boosting practices. "The flexibility and agility brought by public cloud services enable IT departments to spin up new services which scale on demand, without heavy investments in additional infrastructure. DevOps, meanwhile, can increase the frequency of updates, and speed to market, ensuring the application estate can support changing business conditions".

Claranet’s full report can be found on this link.

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