Nullsoft Launches New Winamp.Com

Friday, Nullsoft launched a beta of their new llama-kicking Web site, Winamp.Com. The new site aims to combine many aspects of the music scene: skins, plug-ins, streaming audio, song downloads and more, filling in the gaps where Winamp cannot.

While the bulk of the site is done, the team is continually improving small sections of the site. According to Nullsoft Web developer, Steve Gedikian, "the plug-ins and skins databases work great, but there will be some changes to site look in certain parts - places that I feel need some work like the skins/plug-ins browsing pages. I'm still not satisfied with their look yet."

The team is also preparing a Nullsoft Developers Network. The NSDN will be an online resource for all developers where there will be code samples, tips, ideas, tutorials, SDKs, additional downloads, and other things to help developers of skins and plug-ins feel like they have a place to turn. It will also have a separate forum for developers to exchange tips and ideas. Steve tells eFront, "It'll look a lot like the existing site, just with a whole different color scheme so long hours of reading will be easier on they eyes."

Winamp.Com will be changing throughout its development, so if you want to see a new feature, let the team know. Keep checking eFront for further announcements regarding some amazing things Nullsoft has in the works.

Nullsoft and Winamp.Com may be found at

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