Exclusive: Nullsoft Gnutella Beta Test

Gnullsoft, the open source, freeware extension of Nullsoft, Inc., has sent word requesting BetaNews visitors to test their new application, Gnutella. Gnutella will be a GPL, open-source fully distributed search and download system for media and archive files. Currently being developed on Windows, once version 1.0 is released source will be available for bringing Gnutella to many platforms. Gnutella's distributed structure gives it many advantages over current systems (Napster, CuteMX), including fast searches, firewall-friendly downloads, bandwidth limiting, ability to see what others are searching for, ability to stream files, and the ability to change port and define internal network making it next to impossible for college system admins to block access. Update: The beta test has been closed. GNullsoft will be starting a mailing list for testers soon. Keep checking BetaNews for more information.

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