Another Outlook Worm Does The Rounds

Anti-virus companies are warning of another
virus variant that is spreading across the Internet and infecting -
and being spread by - users of Microsoft's Internet Explorer and
Outlook e-mail software.

Computer Associates International (CA) today warned of the
"moderate risk" Wscript/Kak.B worm, a variant of the
widely-spread "Kak.A" worm that hides in the HTML of an e-mail.

CA said Kak.B targets Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express,
and comes alive when the user reads an infected e-mail
message. The virus attaches itself as the signature to any
outgoing e-mail, thus spreading across the Internet.

It exploits a security hole in Internet Explorer 5 - "once a user
receives the infected HTML e-mail, the hidden (embedded) script
code will be executed without prompting the user," said CA.

This specific B variant is set up to become active on the 11th
day of the month at 5 pm or later and contains the message:
"Days It was a day to be a days!" It will then issue a system
shutdown disrupting use of the infected machine until the
following day.

Internet Explorer 5 users are being advised to to update their
software, at
CA provides worm information and anti-virus updates, at

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