IW2000: GlobalSCAPE Demos New Products

Live From IW2000: BetaNews reported last week that GlobalSCAPE, makers of the popular CuteFTP, and other "Cute" programs, would be demonstrating several new products at Internet World this fall. After sitting down with them for a little chat and watching the demonstration, we can definitely say that these new products are something to watch for. GS is moving in the right direction, and making it easier and easier for users to do the things they've always wanted to do.

All at once they were able to show us the power of CuteFTP Pro, CuteFTP Server, and CuteWeb Server. The power of these programs just entering their beta stage show great promise.

CuteFTP Pro, a child of GlobalSCAPE's flagship software CuteFTP, brings the file transfer protocol to a new level. The new product brings SSL and SSH2 transfers to the table, as well as synchronized uploading and downloading of files. Work is being done to add SSH1 support as well. You can queue files to be uploaded and downloaded, and all will transfer at once by opening multiple connections automatically.

As an FTP user, it is extremely frustrating when you begin a long transfer process and are stuck without the ability to browse the contents of other directories on the same server. CuteFTP Pro solves that problem by simultaneously opening a new connection in the same window while your transfers are still going so you can browse other directories. You can also shut down the program entirely and a window showing your download progress will appear to notify you when the transfers are complete.

CuteFTP Server comes in usual Cute fashion, with practically one-click setup and startup, you can turn your desktop into an FTP server quickly and easily. CuteWeb Server is in the same fashion, sitting in the system tray and popping up one window with the start/end button and the configuration menus, which are easy to understand for anyone.

GlobalSCAPE is also working on a program entitled CuteDNS, which enables users with dynamic IPs to set up their desktops as Web servers by automatically updating DNS entries, much like the service previously offered by ML.org. Along with this program, GlobalSCAPE is also giving users the option to have a .globalscape.com address, or an address of their own.

The betas for these products (with the exception of CuteDNS) are set for early November. You can visit GlobalSCAPE.com to sign up to become a beta tester.

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