Sega Halting Dreamcast Production?

Rumors are flying all over the place in regards to the latest buzz that Sega is halting production of its Dreamcast gaming console. The struggling gaming company has been losing market share and money on the console, and according to the Reuters report, its shares jumped 15% in lieu of the possible production stoppage. Sega will instead focus on software development in general, and possibly for other consoles including the PlayStation2 and Gameboy Advance.

Dreamcast marketshare is expected to decline even further when Microsoft unveils the X-Box, and PlayStation2 prices drop. Lets not forget Nintendo's GameCube either, which could push the Dreamcast into bringing up the rear of the console market.

Not to worry though, sources say new titles will still be released for the Dreamcast console, and Sega will keep up customer support. An official decision is expected soon, possibly by the end of January.

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