British Robodog, Taking its 'Walkies'

Who says you can't make a new dog and teach it old tricks? Not this British inventor, Nick Wirth and his company Roboscience have released their RS-01 "Robodog" for public approval today in London. The robot at 33 inches long, 27 inches tall and 15 inches wide (about the size of a full grown Labrador) can read out e-mails, via a permanent wireless internet connection, be controlled remotely via the internet and even show the master what he's seeing through a color web-cam placed in his "eyes."

Though the RS-01 will not be available for sale, the soon to come "puppies" (Lets call them Robodog 2.0) will be able to do the same tasks and tricks as their father. The synthetic dogs can "climb over obstacles, play football, do handstands and even move like a crab" and will be a bit more expensive then their natural counterparts at $21,500 a piece.

On the lighter side the dog weights in at a mere 26 pounds, making the robo version of Man's Best Friend a safer, and far less power hungry animal. The dog will respond to an array of spoken commands and is made of kevlar and carbon fibers, materials used in lightweight cars and bicycles valued for it’s lightweight and very high durability.

The RS-01 was developed in only seven months, an astonishing time for such a device. With the high price tag though, the Robodog is sure to have a long walk ahead of him, but it is sure to have a profound effect on the outlook of domestic robots.

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