SGI Gives Linux XFS

Once again, SGI has stepped in to give Linux something to brag about. The OS now has a port of the robust XFS services, a journaling filesystem that provides rapid recovery from system crashes and the ability to support extremely large disk farms. XFS is the default filesystem for all SGI customers running its IRIX OS, and has been in production since 1994. XFS 1.0 is the first journaled filesystem for Linux available with a proven track record and strengthens this fledgling OS’s robustness as a whole. XFS 1.0 is licensed under GPL.

Along with XFS, SGI has also released Linux FailSafe. Linux FailSafe plug-ins provide a robust clustering environment with resilience from any single point of failure. Utilizing these plug-ins, system administrators can give NFS, Samba and Apache applications the ability to re-integrate with another system if a failure occurs, allowing users to sustain access to their data.

For a list of SGI’s open source projects you can visit or for a general overview of SGI’s open source strategy.

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