Mozilla 1.0: Almost There

Yesterday's arrival of Mozilla 0.9 is an important milestone for the browser's development team, another step towards the long-awaited release of 1.0. hopes to accomplish this feat by the end of this year, but admittedly there always will be delays. Milestone 0.9.1 is currently slated to debut in early June and will provide the first test base for browsers that embed Mozilla's engine, including Netscape 6.5.

An open source Web browser, Mozilla was born from Netscape's Communicator suite in 1998. Many products are now driven by the re-written Mozilla, the most prominent of which being Netscape 6. The code is available for use free of charge under the Mozilla Public License.

Release 0.9 features "a new cache, image library, help viewer, and greatly improved SSL and MailNews performance." Java has been set to load later, making Mozilla much quicker to start.

While not as impressive as recent nightly builds, 0.9 marks a wonderful improvement and is representative of the hard work put forth by the Mozilla Organization. This latest milestone may be downloaded for Windows or Linux via FileForum.

As always, report any bugs to aid development and post your findings below.

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