AOL Testing New Palm Software

America Online is currently testing internal alphas of two new software programs for Palm OS; AOL for Palm 3.0 and AOL Express 1.0. AOL for Palm 3.0 is the next version of the AOL for Palm client, and AOL Express is a new piece of software for Palm VII to allow wireless access to some of AOL's services.

AOL 3.0 for the Palm introduces many new AOL features to the Palm platform. For the first time, users can connect via a TCP/IP connection using another ISP or the OmniSky wireless Internet service. AOL users will also be able to
sync up their AOL mail on their handhelds allowing access to read and compose messages without a modem. As with AOL 2.0 for the Palm, users will be able to read their e-mail, send instant messages, and view their buddy
list while connected. Also, if Web Clipping software is installed, the members will be able to access MyAOL content.

AOL Express 1.0 provides an interface to AOL services including e-mail and MyAOL content over on the Palm VII/VIIx, and on the Palm V/Vx or Handspring Visor with OmniSky. The content is displayed in the Web Clipping
software included with and OmniSky, and is optimized for slower wireless connections.

AOL is also currently beta testing the AOL Address Book Sync at Keyword:
Palm Beta (AOL Members Only). This software
allows uses to sync their online address book on AOL's servers with the contacts software in Palm OS.

Currently, AOL is offering AOL 2.0 for the Palm OS as its client for use with the Palm modem. It features e-mail and instant messaging only. AOL Mail VII 1.1 is the current product for users of or OmniSky. OmniSky users can send instant messages by downloading AOL Instant Messenger for Palm, and connecting via TCP/IP over OmniSky.

AOL members can expect AOL to release the software for member beta testing at Keyword: 'Palm Beta' in the next few months.

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