Windows 'Longhorn' To Succeed XP?

In a surprise change to its Windows strategy, Microsoft is considering pushing back the release of Blackcomb, and instead following up Windows XP with an interim operating system currently dubbed 'Longhorn'. First reported by eWeek, Longhorn will not contain the .NET-centric core the software giant had planned for the next version of Windows. Blackcomb was initially slated for a late 2002 release, but Microsoft officials now concede even Longhorn may not hit that mark.

It is unclear what will become of Blackcomb, which is currently in early stages of alpha testing, or why a decision was made to postpone its release. Although, Microsoft Vice President Jim Allchin told eWeek the decision had nothing to do with the ongoing antitrust case, suggesting .NET simply may not have been ready.


With Windows XP set to complete beta testing next month, Microsoft is likely to clue in testers to the future of Windows at that point. If the software giant has indeed settled on a more modest upgrade to Windows XP, chances are that all current testers will be asked to participate in the new Longhorn beta as well.

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