MandrakeSoft Opens 'Raklet' Beta

MandrakeSoft has announced the availability of "Raklet," or version 8.1 Beta 1, the latest incarnation of its Linux operating system for testing. Raklet introduces a host of new features including revised networking and server tools, an updated installer and hard disk partitioner, support for three different journalized filesystems, the latest Linux Kernel 2.4.8, KDE 2.2, a reworked MIME type manager, revamped printer and configuration tools, and finally, support for the Euro.

Testers will be able to evaluate a completely re-written version of Draknet, the operating systems network configuration tool. Other enhancements include the latest versions of popular server components. Installation has also been streamlined by URPMI, a reworked package installer, and software manager.

With the introduction of Draklet, Mandrake testers will now enjoy the option of utilizing the IBM JFS, ReiserFS and ext3 journaling filesystems. Disk partitioning has also not escaped the long list of enhancements included in this beta release; HardDrake has been updated as well.

Raklet's Mandrake Control Center has undergone significant rehabilitation. According to MandrakeSoft, the Control Center will provide "a convenient embedded root console as well as new tools such as Logdrake, a graphical frontends to the system log files, or Drakinst, which allows the easy setup of an auto-install disk." A revised PrinterDrake will also allow users to take full advantage of their printers, as compared to previous versions.

Current versions of development, desktop, productivity, and multimedia tools are incorporated into the distribution. To beta test Raklet, download an image from one of Mandrake's official mirrors. To view a list of known bugs and fixes visit the Mandrake Forum.

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