3Com Betas Modem Turbo Charge, Offers Free Hardware

3Com Corp. is looking for beta testers to evaluate new V.92 modem software that offers 30% to 40% higher throughput with the new V.44 compression standard, quicker connection times, and a Modem on Hold ability, which allows you to "pause the Internet connection on an incoming call for a short period of time, then resume it when you are done talking," according to 3Com. Testers who have the 3C3FEM656C, 3CXFEM656C, CXSH654B or 3C3SH654B PC Cards are specifically being targeted for this beta.

In addition to trying out the latest technology, 3Com will give all beta testers a $20 gift certificate to Amazon.com to compensate for any long distance charges made during testing and a free copy of the Modem on Hold application. As an added incentive, the top two testers will receive their choice of the following hardware products free of charge: an 802.11b wireless PC Card, a USB Bluetooth adapter or a PC Card Bluetooth adapter. Selected participants in this modem beta will be given other opportunities to test for 3Com Mobile in the future.

3Com is also preparing to beta test a new secure 10/100 LAN PC Card with IP Sec acceleration and Distributed Firewall software. "We are looking for beta sites with extensive experience with Network Security and have used IP Sec and Distributed Firewall software before," 3Com representatives told BetaNews. Testers must have an existing IP Sec network prior to the start of beta testing, preferably with 50 or more nodes.

All applicants for the modem upgrade must have Windows 98, Me, 2000, or XP and reside in the United States or Canada. The secure NIC beta holds the same requirements, but NT users may additionally apply. The deadline for applying to beta test the new V.92 software and Modem on Hold is February 6. Applications for the secure NIC test must be received by February 11. To apply for either beta, visit beta-test.3com.com.

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