HP Unveils Branded iPod, Skins

Friday, HP introduced its branded iPod, along with customizable skins for the audio player called HP Printable Tattoos. Originally announced in January, the "Apple iPod from HP," has identical specs and design as the Apple version, unlike the blue-colored prototype shown in January.

The Apple iPod from HP is available in a 20GB model for $299 USD and a 40GB model for $399 USD - mirroring Apple's own pricing. They will be available at major retailers as well as online.

The HP Printable Tattoos, which also fit standard Apple iPods, allow consumers to personalize their iPod with album art as well as print their own skins with an ink jet printer. The skins are easily applied and removed, and help protect the iPod from scratches, according to HP.

More information on both the iPod and the Printable Tattoos can be found at the HP Digital Music Web site.

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