Mandrakesoft Linux is on the Move

Mandrakesoft is on the Move. "Move" is geared specifically toward beginners to eschew the perception that Linux is too complex to be viable on the desktop. Move does not even require installation nor does it make any changes to the host system; in fact, the entire operating system runs from a single compact disc. Users simply boot from the CD on any compatible PC.

Move, formerly MandrakeMove, draws on the portability of USB keys to allow users to carry around up to 1.5 GB of files and settings wherever they may go. USB keys also store hardware profiles for shorter startup times on subsequent boots.

Mandrakesoft's Mandrakelinux 10.0 lies at the heart of Move which is powered by version 2.6 of the Linux kernel and the KDE 3.2 desktop environment. The CD comes preloaded with over 40 applications ranging in type from Internet to productivity to entertainment; even personal finance. Both and the GIMP image editing suite are included in the distribution.

"At Mandrakesoft we've always considered ease of use a priority," said Mandrakesoft CEO François Bancilhon. "With Move we've tried to reach out to those users still put off by the aura of technicality that surrounds Linux. It's a product that is straightforward, practical and safe to use - flattening out that dreaded learning curve. It is both a good environment for trying out Linux - being a 'live' distribution - and something that you can use to get real work done, in a mobile way."

Boxed copies of Move complete with a manual and 30-day web support are available from Mandrakesoft for a minimum of 29.90 EUR / $32.90 USD. For more information visit the Mandrakesoft Move product Web page.

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