eXeem Decentralizes BitTorrent Sharing

The file sharing community has once again proven its resiliency against the courtroom tactics of the entertainment industry, and has begun openly distributing a new BitTorrent-based file sharing program called eXeem. The software is different from previous clients because a "tracker" is built into the peer-to-peer network, eliminating the need for centralized servers.

eXeem is the successor to SuprNova, which was chief among a cadre of related BitTorrent Web sites targeted by the Motion Picture Association of America in lawsuits filed in December.

BitTorrent is a communications protocol that is commonly used to facilitate the distribution of very large files. That being said, it was not uncommon for these particular files to be copyrighted music, movies and television programming.


Operationally, a "seed" file, or one complete file, is all that is needed to start a BitTorrent download. Seeds are then downloaded by additional peer file sharers who obtain "bits" of the master file. The efficiency of distribution scales upward as more people download.

A "tracker" receives information from individuals and generates a register of peers that can be used by client software to download a file in the most efficient way.

When the MPAA sued tracker indexing sites such as Suprnova, it effectively ripped the heart of out of the system. The suits alleged that individuals who operated these dedicated servers were knowingly facilitating illegal downloads. P2P file sharers were quick to rebound, however, and SuprNova announced its plans for eXeem within days of the site's demise.

An anonymous source close to eXeem shrugged off liability, stating that, "eXeem is decentralized and Swarm Systems has no control whatsoever over what is being uploaded and downloaded over eXeem. It was not developed because of MPAA actions, but because there was a feeling that a new thing has to come out."

Swarm Systems is an offshore company that is responsible for the development of eXeem. The makers claim that the software is free of cost and ad supported.

Last July, the MPAA released a worldwide Internet piracy study alleging that the online theft of motion pictures results in the loss of billions of US dollars in revenue each year. The study found that about one in four Internet users have downloaded a movie. If accurate, the implication of file sharing is considerable for the entertainment industry.

The MPAA told BetaNews it is aware of the eXeem public beta, but was not ready to comment by press time.

59 Responses to eXeem Decentralizes BitTorrent Sharing

  1. sjc001 says:

    I've given it a try and it works quite well.

    • rstevensjr says:

      Stats......what are they good for???????


      A lot like that people that use them :)

      Full of adware.......... Rating -10

      • sjc001 says:

        There is a lite version floating around. :) And one banner is not exactly "full of adware" either.

      • joeshmo says:

        what the hell is kazaa? i haven't heard of anyone using that program for over a year now.

        you wanna fight viruses? get an anti-virus program and update it as often as possible. UPDATE YOUR WINDOWS!!!!!!! get a firewall. get a router. do virus checks and spyware checks on a daily basis. too busy? schedule checks and the computer will do it on its own without you clicking a button.

        if you do the above you wont have to deal with the problems of the internet.

        its not that hard people

      • allan0r says:

        No1 uses kazaa anymore. bit torrent (exeem) is the way ppl are goin and like the guy above me said. Get a freaking router/firewall and quit ur moaning.

        Just installed exeem , and have tried 5 different files and none of them work. Yes i know its a beta but its meant to work a little. So disappointed.

      • Morpheus Phreak says:

        The reason you aren't finding many files is because it polls users who are logged into the system

        The more users the more files you will find.

        Give it a week and you will find everything you need

      • sjc001 says:

        I've gotten a couple of small files and they worked just fine. The more people who switch to Exeem the better it will be.

      • fimmwolf says:

        30% of all virii come from p2p programs?

        Well, that would infer 70% of all virii DONT come from p2p programs. (recieved any email lately?)

        ps. 43.6% of all statistics are made up. <-- just like this one :o

      • Exeem_Is_Evil says:

        Exeem has nothing but bad reviews and Cydoor adware in the install.Keep away from this 1 and stick with BT for now.

      • normal_blue says:

        Do you really know what is Cydoor?
        It even exist when suprnva still alive and gonna continue here. It just use to show the ads.
        Do you really know how much it infact your system?
        if you check it you will see it is only single componence and not harmfull!!

        What do you think when compare to Kazaa or even a popular download manager like Flashget?
        How much this two program infacted you system?

        Well how many torrent site still alive nowday?
        As I have seen there are very few left .

        eXeem is the way to go!
        We just pay nothing, let Cydoor running on your system and keep eXeem developer alive..well how much you have to pay for stuffs you are currently download if you dont use p2p?

        If you dont like to have Cydoor, just run any AniSpyware scan and remove it then eXeem still work just fine.

        Or..perhaps ppl's brian wanna get everthing just for free?

      • spiffyjeff says:

        If there is a free alternative, that is just as good or better, or works fine for my purposes, I'll take it. Why pay when a decent alternative is available... Open Office, 7zip, Thunderbird, Firefox, ad-aware, spybot... all are good examples, along with file formats such as .ogg, .png, .gz, .bz2...

        viva sourceforge.net
        viva archive.org

      • fishy80 says:

        computers are high maintance... if you cant deal with updating your computer than you shouldnt be posting here... if you are smart you know what to and what not to download... for protection.. all you need is 1 firewall 1 antivirus and 1 anti adware program... if you have a router you dont really need a firewall... just be smart... p2p is not why everyone gets viruses.. its because they are stupid and download a file called hl2.exe thats 15 kb in size and they think its hl2 months before it comes out... people are stupid and actually download things like that... so if you cant deal with updateing your computer and taking care not to be an idiot then there wont be any problems... p2p i use it.. i download an app , game ,movie or music file and if i like it.. i buy it... if not then i dont... p2p is not bad and everyone in here i guarentee has used p2p before... (oh and to the guy who said he has never gotten a virus in his life... your a fucking liar or an idiot)

      • bourgeoisdude says:

        I actually believe him, I've only gotten a virus once, I was using dial up and while I was updating my AV definitions the Blaster worm hit me. That's it for me, and I've used computers since IE 16-bit edition for Windows 3.1.

      • spiffyjeff says:

        i think you replied to the wrong post, an honest mistake though.

      • Exeem_Is_Evil says:

        now that i have full tested Exeem LITE version and not the 2.0 public beta i can say that the new exeem network is
        1- already having connection issues ,only yesterday the whole network virtually went down.
        2- simply put cydoor is adware that you have to install and coming from a 100% open source p2p background i can not and will not use something like this.
        3- is about the content of files and i wont go into that on this site.Lots of fakes and virus files so far,again not used to this kind of thing happing from an open source client and private trackers.

        Maybe try again in 6 months when things have settled down.

      • sjc001 says:

        It is still in early beta and it is a different way to access Bit Torrent ....

      • yohimbe9 says:

        correction, everyone "in the know" uses bit torrent. there are plenty of people who aren't in the know and they still use kazaa

      • sjc001 says:

        You know, it is quite difficult to have any sympathy for your point of view when the music and movie companies are raking in record high profits and thus proves that P2P alone isn't the problem.

        As I had said above most people who have a computer are idiots and if it wasn't this it would be something else. If they only used some basic knowhow they wouldn't get all of that crap on their systems.

      • yohimbe9 says:

        --As I had said above most people who have a computer are idiots and if it wasn't this it would be something else. If they only used some basic knowhow they wouldn't get all of that crap on their systems.

        i would generally agree with this statement. however, if the majority of the people can't understand a product, are the people stupid or is the product poorly designed? i would have to go with the latter. should my mom have to know about ActiveX technology? should she have to worry about having the latest updates for 20 programs on her machine? should she have to decide which browser to use? this is all leaving the main point of the article but to me its important.

      • sjc001 says:

        It is like blaming the pencil for a spelling mistake. The MAC accesses the Internet in the same way a PC does and the MAC is suppose to be designed for idiots. :) The problem is that many people believe that once they get out of school that they should stop learning. The truth is that you never stop learning.

        As I like to say, "You don't have to be a mechanic to drive a car, but it sure helps."

      • Morpheus Phreak says:

        It's Mac not MAC

        MAC is Media Access Control whereas Mac is short for the Apple Macintosh Personal Computer.

        Sorry, but someone using the all caps on that always pisses me off.

        As for this program it works well, and for the last time people, the cydoor program bundled with it is adware not spyware.

      • sjc001 says:


      • bourgeoisdude says:

        As I said before just in case you missed it, I don't use kazaa either--it was the most popular p2p network around for a long time, so I used it as an example.

  2. bourgeoisdude says:

    face it--nobody would care if nobody used these apps illegally. The fact is, close to 95% of file sharing is illegal, and quite frankly I don't give a rat's behind how they do it, if it were up to me, P2P file sharing would be banned--PERIOD. Before everyone screams in my face, consider this:

    1. 30% of viruses spread accross P2P networks, which means billions of dollars of damages just from "Kazaa" viruses.

    2. 85% of spyware related calls in 2004 were issues related to problems with P2P file-sharing programs (45% related to Kazaa alone), and spyware has been estimated to take over 50% of Microsoft's technical support call time.

    3. Only 8% of those polled in October 2004 use P2P for legal file sharing, and all but a handful admit to have downloaded copywrighted content at least once.

    P2P is costing tens if not hundreds of billions of dollars a year. Is it really worth it?

    • eddie says:

      Sounds like job security for tech support persons ;)

    • sjc001 says:

      And everyone knows that 95% of all stats are made up. :)

      BTW, who uses Kazaa anymore?

      Bit Torrent is far more realiable and anyone who doesn't use protection, as a general rule of thumb, while on the net deserves what they get.

      Most people who have a computer are idiots. If you don't believe me read this web site.


      I personally know people who take their systems to the tech to have them defragged at $40 per hour. :)

      Also, it has been proven that P2P alone has a next to zero effect on sales so the numbers you are using are a lie. The problem is in Russia and Asia where they sell pirated copies on the street. If anything P2P has helped sales in many cases and many starting music artists actually want people to download their music. It is the big corporate dinosaurs which fear file sharing because it can by-pass them completely.

      Here is a link posted elsewhere on here which shows just how much a dinosaur they are.


      • yohimbe9 says:

        --BTW, who uses Kazaa anymore?
        --anyone who doesn't use protection, as a general rule of thumb, while on the net deserves what they get

        that's the problem, i don't care too much if they mess up their own computer. the problem is that their computer becomes a zombie and attacks all of mine. or at best i still have to constantly keep updating every part of my computer.

      • sjc001 says:

        If it wasn't P2P it would be something else. They take no protection at all.

        "or at best i still have to constantly keep updating every part of my computer."

        Why should you do that? How does file sharing make you have to do that?

      • yohimbe9 says:

        file sharing itself doesn't, it's the crap that comes with it.

      • 12voltman says:

        You obviously know about as much about computers as I do about rocket science, which is nothing. You trying to relate what some sells man probably told you at your local circuit city while trying to sell you something don't impress me. It's idiots like you who make the retarded ones look smart. I bet you can't even turn your pc on. I also bet you never did a defrag, scan disk, or ad check. Can you tell me what tp/ip is ?? No you can't; because you are a schmuck who don't know the diff between a desktop and window.

        As for spyware. I DO NOT use an antivirus and I DO NOT use a firewall. I use a router. I do on line scans for viruses once in a while. I have never, let me say that again, I HAVE NEVER had a virus. All this talk about viruses and spyware is a bunch of blarney. It is a way for companies to make money. If you use a router with a nat firewall or a soho firebox then you are pretty much safe. People are more paranoid than anything ... It's time for them to come down to reality here and wake up.

        Another thing - There is a lite version of this out. It doesn't have all the adware crap in it. Check it out here: http://www.exlite.net ....

      • sjc001 says:

        Do you call yourself 12voltman because you get electroshock treatment? If not it is apparent that you need it, troll. What a schmuck. If you had bothered to read below you would have seen that I had already mentioned the lite version.

      • 12voltman says:

        The post was made toward squire. And if you look at the date on the post you will see it was made after you posted the last thread.

        I know it is tcp/ip. I missed a button. Still trying to get used to these keys on the laptop ;)

      • sjc001 says:

        Of course it was posted after my post since you posted it to me. Learn how to post to the proper person. If you would have posted to this other person it would have been above and not below my post.

      • Pikoro says:

        uh, 12voltman... for all your ranting, tp/ip? It's tcp/ip.

      • the_shadow says:

        This is starting to annoy me. There is no "all" as the adware goes right out. How does your router protect you from the adware downloads bring in such as that infered by the "all" in your post? Also "it is a way for companies to make money" makes everyone know that you are completely knowledgeless. Yes know not think. Not only does it say right above the post box that personal attacks are not permited, you also had no right to make any attack. It would take more than 12 volts to shock you out of your braindead state.

        hate to get involved in a cat fight like this,

    • reets says:

      Personally, if you use Kazaa or Morpheous type programs then you shouldn't even be trying to fileshare. You clearly don't have a clue. And if you don't run atleast 2 spyware programs and antivirus then you are asking for trouble no matter what you are running.

      Filesharing will never go away, every time MPAA or BSA try to close one thing, something else is already up. MPAA is wasting their money trying to stop all this when it will never go away.

      • sjc001 says:

        All they are doing is making P2P better by way of evolution. But hey, lawyers still get paid wheither they win or lose so they aren't worried.

    • Squire72 says:


      -*-1. 30% of viruses spread accross P2P networks, which means billions of dollars of damages just from "Kazaa" viruses.-*-

      If a system is properly firewalled, kept up to date with patches, ad-ware protected, virus protected, and IE is left unused, a computer even WITH file sharing software will remain virus and ad-ware free. I know this because I haven't seen an adware/spyware or virus outbreak on any of the computers I maintain - including corporate machines, and personal machines, both my own, friends, and clients.

      -*-2. 85% of spyware related calls in 2004 were issues related to problems with P2P file-sharing programs (45% related to Kazaa alone), and spyware has been estimated to take over 50% of Microsoft's technical support call time.-*-

      Kaaza creates spyware problems because it infects computers directly, not because of the file sharing or P2P. Running an alternative ad-ware free client causes none of these problems.

      -*-3. Only 8% of those polled in October 2004 use P2P for legal file sharing, and all but a handful admit to have downloaded copywrighted content at least once.-*-

      So what?

      I've used it for both, and when I find a program I like and will use, or a game I want to play, I go out and buy it. Same with music and movies.

      Had I never downloaded it, I never would have bought it - if anything, P2P and filesharing increase sales - the people who don't buy it never would have in the first place, and the people who do - probably would have never bought it if they hadn't discovered it online.

      -*-P2P is costing tens if not hundreds of billions of dollars a year. Is it really worth it?-*-

      The only thing P2P costs anyone is bandwidth.

    • the_shadow says:

      To start, the very title of your post throws me off. Drawing a line is something you do when you are in agreement that an action is valid, but only to a certain extent. The line is the limit to that extent. Your post conveys however that you are completely against p2p networks and thus you are looking for "It is time we took a stand" not "we have to draw a line."
      The post however, is much more offensive than its title. The first statistic that you posted I will let you have, but only because after illegal warez there isn't that much else to download. Your next statistic is probably also valid, but I fail to see how it helps your cause. If you eliminate p2p networks than the entire 100% of viruses will be free floating port sniffers as compared to a mere 70% in your current statistic. See how easily these statistic thingys are bent?
      As everyone else has posted you should get some adware and spyware protection on your behind and then proceed to not care about those who neglected to do the same. Next you claim that 50% of support calls to Microsoft have to do with spyware. All people who had to call a support line to deal with spyware I would like to note. Than you claim that 85% of that is due to p2p networks so in the end 42.5% of calls are related to spyware from p2p networks. All people who had the poor intuition to confess to having p2p networks to a software giant I presume? I doubt it. Your 8% post? Well duh, I think we all know what p2p networks are used for.
      Lastly if by "P2P is costing tens if not hundreds of billions of dollars a year" a year you mean p2p is adding that much in profit you would be correct. It is due to p2p networks that the mp3 player boom was able to happen. Without a source to get that music there would be no sense in not just owning a cd player and burning mere cd mixes. Final note all the people who would buy a CD in the past still buy them now, its just before that didn't seem like such a big deal because there was nothing to publicize music. If anything sales of cds have increased because of file sharing because now people can go out, sample, and buy what they like. Look, the only reason the RIAA makes such a big deal out of this is because they can make a good deal of money off of lawsuits. Unless your an employee of the RIAA, your just getting caught up in something that you don't understand.
      over and out,

      • sjc001 says:

        As I had said elsewhere, the only one's to truly benefit out of all of these frivolous lawsuites are the lawyers. They get paid wheither they win or lose.

        One of the main reasons why the MPAA and the RIAA don't bring lawsuites up here in Canada, besides downloading not being illegal for personal use up here, is that the loser has to pay the court costs for both sides and they know that they will lose their case up here.

      • bourgeoisdude says:

        I don't have the time nor do I wish to defend against every post or issue, however, I want to make some things clear.

        My point about P2P is that it is being used almost entirely for illegal downloading. Period. Why should we allow a portal to exist only because a handful of people use it legally? I don't care if it's prevented the market from crashing, it violates copywright laws. If we need these P2P things to work, then work to get the copywright laws changed. Oh, and I use my MP3 players for music I purchased, I have over 250 CD's in my family's library, and not one illegal song on my computer. Also, I kept mentioning Kazaa not because I use it, but because for a long time it was the most used p2p file sharing network out there. It was an example, because it was (and may still be, I haven't looked) the biggest one. Not all P2P programs have spyware, true--but viruses and spyware spread over any and all of them, simply because the material is uploaded from someone's computer and their PC may have been infected when they uploaded the song/software. I have no problems paying $15 for CD's. Sure I wish it were less, but most of the CD's I have were bought for $17.95. I'm only bringing up a point, I know it's not a popular stance. Oh, one more thing, the "line" I referred to in the title--we have to draw a line between morality and immorality. I personally believe that it is 100% wrong to download copywrighted material you have not paid for, because it is law. I don't care what they charge at the store, that's not the point. Does anyone at least agree on that point?

      • sjc001 says:

        Just because something is a law doesn't mean that it is right. Slavery was once the law. It was once concidered under the law that women were not persons and couldn't own property since they were property. When the Church was in control in Europe you could spend 3 months in jail for not going to church on Sunday.

        BTW, groups like the MPAA and the RIAA actually don't want their cases to actually make it to court since they know that they will lose. Since they have deep pockets they can usually outlast their victims and force them to settle out of court. This is what is going to eventually happen with Lokitorrent when the donations finally dry up his lawyer will "recommend" that he settle out of court. That is how their scam works. Lawyers get paid, one way or another, wheither they get win or not.

      • the_shadow says:

        Edit: My apologies it seems I double posted what is above by accident,

      • the_shadow says:

        As is said beneath, the law is not always right. From the looks of things you are trying to convince us all to become utter obedient citizens. Just to update you countries in which utter submission is paid tend to crash into dictatorship as no one provided any limits to the rules. Yes that is where utter obedience to laws leads because those in power like to stay in power.

        The Reason that we should let the portal exist is that the technology allows for a file transfer to stay fast and get faster, not slower, with each additional user. We cannot deny ourselves superior technology simply because it provides a venue for illegal activity. Files are also sent over hyperlinks on webpages which never happened before the internet but the internet allows for quick transfer of information from place to place so we CANNOT get rid of it. Cannot empacized because we all know that we cannot wipe out the internet as a whole. Whether or not there the "portal" allows for evil to be stronger than ever before it also allows for the internet to get better yet and that is the reason it should be kept.

        I doubt people agree with you because whole fortunes could be wasted buying without trying. Imagine if car shopping worked that way: "Well that one does look prettier... Man, I hope it has a nice ride to match..." Clearly this does not work. You may say music is different but let me ask you something, didn't you sample your music before buying it? Be it on mtv the radio or from a friend? Well what if what a person wants to sample isn't immediately available at one of these venues? Why then is it unfair to sample by downloading?

        Now for bullets:
        -Its nice you have the money to afford cds at that rate; meanwhile most people do not.
        -It is copyright not copywright
        -Sorry about that first revolutionary rant. Just my current mood.

        'nough said,

    • jp2 says:

      we have to draw more cartoons and share them:)

  3. Caleb says:

    Suprnova was used ONLY for illegal material, and so will eXeem be.. those that are saying that it's not meant for illegal purposes is so fooling himself.

    Most content shared online is copyrighted, especially on eMule.

    Although many legit sites start sharing legal content through BitTorrent to save bandwidth (which is great).

    Other than that, everything is used for pirating.

    • noname6 says:

      Not so. There are many bittorrent sites that will only allow "legal" music to be downloaded. This is defined as live music by musicians who have not opposed their live music being shared.

    • spiffyjeff says:

      I often download and test new linux cds. BitTorrent extremely reduces the loads on mirror sites, at the same time, giving me a nice, fast download. Can you imagine how long it would take to download 2100 MB at 30KbPS off the sever? It only takes about 3 hours at 1.5 MbPS, Plus I've got resume capabilities now, and can help contribute to the upload bandwidth.

      It's like the phrase "guns dont kill people, I do"
      BitTorrent doesn't kill royalties, I do - people use the tool for what they like, if its for illegal purposes, they should get in trouble, not the creators of the tool.

    • the_shadow says:

      Hypocrite? You mean like putting the word only in all caps and then following it up with "Although many legit sites start sharing legal content through BitTorrent to save bandwidth (which is great)?" Granted though your use of the word start throws me off and I am only assuming as to a true meaning...

  4. spiffyjeff says:

    I hope that the_shadow does not sue me for stealing his use of words for my subject :-)

    First of all, I'd like to state that "No publication or registration or other action in the Copyright Office is required to secure copyright." and that Copyright "is available to both published and unpublished works... Copyright Act generally gives the owner of copyright the exclusive right to do and to authorize others to do the following:..." reproduce, derivative works, distribute copies, perform the work publicly and display the copyrighted work publicly.

    What this adds up to is that any form of music, pictures, motion pictures... are all copyrighted as they all belong to someone. The authors automatically own a copyright of their created work. Just because it's copyrighted doesn't mean it's illegal to share it, after all, the author is the one that has the say (I may be wrong in the circumstance that the author chooses to go through one of the RIAA members, then RIAA might completely own it, I'm not sure). The Belveders (http://www.archive.org/search.php?query=belvederes%20AND%20mediatype%3Aaudio%20AND%20collection%3Aopensource_audio), for example, license their work through creative commons license. Creative Commons allows practically anyone to distribute and perform the work. Keep in mind it is still copyrighted.

    As far as the idea of banning P2P, I'll put it this way: You shouldn't make driving a car illegal just because many people speed, nor should you ban filesharing just because it can be used for illegal purposes. Anything can be used for illegal purposes.

    My point is that we should not dis-allow a means of service such as P2P just because there are people use it for illegal purposes. Illegal is not necesarily bad either, because even if you are downloading a cd to test drive it, buying it if you like it is still illegal.

    P2P technology is good an other purposes beyond intelectual property. Games, Blizzard's World of Warcraft game uses P2P built into the game to distribute patches and updates to their game. This lightens the load on their server, and limits your download speeds only to your connection speed.

    Kazaa states that it will install that evil software (spyware/adware) and people go a head and install it anyway. Little do they know there is freeware, complete with out spyware and adware, such as SoulSeek (http://www.slsknet.org/) and WinMX (http://www.winmx.com/). That is beside the point, it is up to the tech support to decide what to waste their time with.

    Purposly written spyware should be banned, but adware should not be. Ad-ware is what supports the hand out of free programs, so you dont have to pay, just like seeing ads on websites. Though ads are annoying, they help the site/program exist at a lower cost to its consumer.

  5. kgruber says:

    I don't know if any of you are aware of this, but eXeem does contain Cydoor and Looksmart Toolbar. You may want to get a "lite" version of the program which doesn't have these added features at http://www.exlite.net/.

    • sjc001 says:

      They will ban anyone they catch using the lite version.

    • the_shadow says:

      I believe most of us that downloaded eXeem did notice that. Cydoor can be easily uninstalled for add/remove programs and Looksmart goes out with any spyware scan.

      Since when do lite versions come out so quickly after the original? I would be more scared by the lite version than the non-lite for that cause alone.

      the ads go out easy,

  6. spiffyjeff says:

    I will be providing some of my photographs over P2P and off my website. Once I decide, they will be either public domain or licensed through creative commons.

    I am considering the creation of a webserver specifically for those who want to share their work. The server will be available for FREE for those who want to share their creations, be it a song, poem, video, software, school report, photograph, art, anything that is your "intellectual property."

    It's all about the pleasure of helping/pleasing others without involving money.

    what do you think?
    [email protected]

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