EU Nixes 'Reduced Media Edition' Name

The European Union Commission is apparently not amused with the naming scheme Microsoft has chosen for its upcoming version of Windows that is free of Windows Media Player. EU officials have requested that Microsoft name the operating system so it is more appealing to consumers.

As first reported by BetaNews, Microsoft was expected to name the new Windows "Reduced Media Edition." The Commission, however, is concerned that the name is uninspired and consequently will have the affect of being unattractive to customers.

Microsoft, which could be hit with additional fines if it makes the slimmed down Windows edition unappealing, has agreed with the EU's request and will modify the product name to something that is more palatable to the regulators.

"We have agreed to make the change," said Microsoft spokesperson Stacy Drake in a statement. "We're working together with the commission to come up with an alternative name."

Microsoft faces the possibility of receiving additional fines -- on top of the 497 million euro penalty it has already paid -- for not achieving suitable progress towards compliance with the European Commission's ruling. If imposed, the penalty could amount to as much as $5 million per day, or 5 percent of the company’s average daily turnover.

Under the ruling, Microsoft is required to strip Windows Media Player from European editions of its flagship operating system for abusing its monopoly power. Microsoft has said that WMP-free versions of Windows will ship within weeks and pledges to work with the Commission to hastily settle on a new name.

A spokesperson for the EU Commission could not be reached for comment by press time.

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