Windows Veteran Jumps Ship to Google

A top Windows architect has left his Redmond home to join the ranks at Google, although it's not clear what his new position will involve. Marc Lucovsky, a 16-year Microsoft veteran, joins a number of high profile developers hired by the search giant, including Mozilla programmers Ben Goodger and Darin Fisher.

According to the Microsoft Watch newsletter, Lucovsky voluntarily left his Microsoft position last November. Coming from a post at Digital Equipment Corporation, he was involved in the creation of Windows NT and the Win32 kernel. Most recently, Lucovsky was named chief software architect for the now-defunct Microsoft's .NET My Services, or "Hailstorm," project.

Google's recent hiring blitz has sparked a wave of speculation regarding the company's closely held future plans. Rumors range from Google developing a Web browser to topple Internet Explorer, all the way to a Google operating system. In his new Web log, Lucovsky offers no hints, but has lambasted his former employer.


"Being a 16 year Microsoft veteran, a Distinguished Engineer, key architect and code writer for windows, architect of the largest source code control and build system ever attempted, I deeply believed that Microsoft knows how to ship software," Lucovsky wrote. "I am not sure I believe anymore."

"When a Microsoft engineer fixes a minor defect, makes something faster or better, makes an API more functional and complete, how do they "ship" that software to me? I know the answer and so do you," said Lucovsky. "The software sits in a source code control system for a minimum of two years (significantly longer for some of the early Longhorn code)."

Beyond the criticism, Lucovsky's words offer insight into possible reasons he abandoned Microsoft for a young, fast-moving company such as Google.

"I would argue that Microsoft used to know how to ship software, but the world has changed," he added. "The companies that "know how to ship software" are the ones to watch. They have embraced the network, deeply understand the concept of "software as a service", and know how to deliver incredible value to their customers efficiently and quickly."

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