Java to be Used in Blu-ray DVD Players

Next generation Blu-ray DVD players will ship with built-in support for Sun Microsystem's Java, which will be used for interactivity features. The announcement was made at Sun's JavaOne conference in San Francisco on Tuesday and could prove a big win for the technology that has largely remained Web-based.

All interactive features including menus, network services and games will be Java-based, according to Yasushi Nishimura, director of Panasonic's Research and Development Company of America.

"The Blu-ray Disc Association, the standards body for the format, has decided it will adopt Java for the interactivity standards," said Nishimura. "This means that all Blu-ray Disc player devices will be shipped equipped with Java."


Although Java was initially designed with consumer electronics in mind, Sun's technology has found little success in the mainstream market compared to its adoption in the enterprise. In order to spur further Java use, Sun has developed three new licenses to provide developers with access to Java source.

Java in Blu-ray means next-generation DVD players could have advanced network capabilities, such as the ability to download added content from the Internet.

But despite backing from Blu-ray, Java's adoption in the living room is far from shored up. A competing high-definition DVD standard, known as HD-DVD and backed by Toshiba, will reach the market before Sony-developed Blu-ray.

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