Photo Site to Offer Unlimited Printing

Digital photo buffs that find themselves shelling out a lot of money to have actual prints of their images may be in luck. Australia-based officially launched in the United States on Thursday, giving these prolific digital photographers a low-cost option to store and print their photos.

Storing photos will be free on the service, which offers users 500MB of space for each account. Users will be able to download a program, called PhotoSync, that would sync their My Pictures folder with their account.

However, in an attempt to differentiate itself from similar services focuses on one key feature: for a $7.99 monthly fee, the site will give users unlimited printing of their images.


Prints will be developed by professional photo labs on archive quality paper, the site said. But there is one catch - users will be responsible for the shipping and handling, as well as taxes associated with the order, and only one print of an image can be ordered per shipment.

Other than unlimited printing, will allow users to share their photos with friends, or other members with similar interests.

"Photo networking is about strengthening real-world relationships," Jonathan Atherton of said. "We don't just want users to print their photos, but to really share them, talk about them and have fun."

Users will also be able to create scrapbooks based on their images and the site would be compatible with popular scrapbooking software clients such as Photomix and Lumapix. said it would also offer a lower cost option that would allow for 100 prints per month at a rate of $3.99 USD.

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