Verizon Launches Child Locator Service

Verizon on Monday introduced a new service aimed at parents who wish to keep track of where their children are through their cell phones. Additionally, the service will give children a way to easily contact their parents.

The "Chaperone" service would be provided in conjunction with the kid-friendly LG Migo, a cell phone designed for easy operation by even the youngest users. The system uses GPS capabilities built into the phone in order to track a child's position.

The parent would be able to see where the phone is located from a map on the Verizon Web site. Additionally, parents can download a cell phone-based application that would perform similar functions, Verizon said.

The service will also allow for over-the-air programming of the phone's calling buttons, as well as customizing other settings including language and disabling or enabling of the emergency calling button.

Another feature, called Child Zone, provides a service for parents where they would be alerted when the Migo phone leaves a predetermined area. The service would send a text message to the parent's Verizon phone.

"[Chaperone] gives parents an added tool for keeping in contact with their children," Verizon product development director Lee Daniels said in a statement. "If the unexpected happens, a child carrying a Chaperone-enabled Migo phone will be able to quickly get in touch with parents or another responsible adult - and even emergency personnel - who can help."

The service requires the LG Migo phone and a Verizon Wireless Family Share plan. The locator service by itself would be $9.99 USD per line, and $19.99 USD per line when the Child Zone service is added. The LG Migo costs $49.99 USD with a two-year service agreement.

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