Intel Regains U.S. Retail Sales Lead

Intel regained the lead in retail sales in the United States in June, grabbing 51.2 percent of the market, up nine points since May. Conversely, AMD saw its share drop down to 48.5 percent in the month, down from 57.4 percent. Data from analyst firm Current Analysis indicated much of Intel's rapid gains had to do with new low-price notebooks entering the market from companies like Toshiba. These notebooks contain Intel's Celeron M chip, and retail for under $599.

Analysts with the firm say much of the chipmaker's strength has come in that segment, as it still lags far behind AMD in the desktop market, especially in low price systems For example, at least four-fifths of any desktop computer below $750 is powered by an AMD processor. However, as has been the case for four years, once a desktop PC passes a retail price of $750, Intel is found on 52.1 percent of computers up to $999, and 91.7 percent of those above $1,250.

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