Segway Rolls Out New Transporters

Segway on Monday rolled out its next generation Personal Transporter lineup, cutting bulk off its scooters, but leaving the high price intact. New features include "LeanSteer" for turning and a wireless Bluetooth "InfoKey" controller that replaces the standard key.

LeanSteer does away with twisting handles to turn, enabling the rider to simply lean in the direction they want to go. The Segway is able to differentiate between the rider's moves and terrain changes, the company says, and makes the experience more fun and intuitive.

"Our goal for the second generation Segway PT was to make a product that truly becomes an extension of your body. With LeanSteer technology, the Segway PT responds instantly to the most subtle motions of your body," said Segway CTO Doug Field.


InfoKey serves as an all-in-one information center for the Segway. It displays the scooter's speed, distance traveled and battery life, as well as activating a security system when the transporter is parked. If the Segway is moved, the wheels lock and the InfoKey emits an alarm.

The Segway i2 is the first of two new models to debut. It appears much slimmer than its predecessors and can travel 24 miles on a single charge thanks to new "Saphion" lithium-ion batteries. Like previous Segways, i2's speed tops out at 12.5 miles per hour. The unit is available now for $4,995 USD.

In September, Segway will launch the $5,495 USD x2, an update to its off-road model. It sports all-terrain tires for dirt, gravel, grass or sand, and includes integrated lift handles for taking the Segway out of a vehicle. The x2 also sits higher off the ground and is wider to provide additional stability.

"Dramatic, elegant shapes and finishes, and the use of wireless technology make the new Segway PT a big step forward in the evolution of our product line," added Field.

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