Want a Zune? Uninstall Windows Vista

Those early adopters who bought a Microsoft Zune on Tuesday were greeted with an embarrassing incompatibility when they tried to install it on to their computers running Windows Vista: it doesn't work with Redmond's latest operating system.

"This operating system is currently not supported by Zune," says an error message when attempting to install the device. Zune's official Web site confirms the issue saying that Vista "is not supported at this time" and "to check back for updates."

Apple enthusiast sites immediately latched onto the peculiar issue as yet another reason why the Zune was not ready for prime time.


"Apparently, Microsoft has been so focused on getting Zune out the door in time for the mad holiday rush that it hasn't gotten around to supporting the player under its next-generation operating system," AppleInsider wrote Tuesday.

Sources tell BetaNews that Microsoft was not concerned with including Vista support with the initial release and do not plan to add it until December, due to the rearchitecture of graphical, audio and video pipelines within the new operating system, and the fact that Vista is not available publicly at retail.

Additionally, the Zune team was apparently not given code to develop off of until several weeks ago, indicating that the team had very little time, if any, to prepare Vista support for the new player.

Microsoft had not responded to a request for official comment as of press time.

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