Dell Does Away with Desktop Rebates

Dell said Tuesday that it would be eliminating rebates from its Dimension desktops and services in an effort to simplify pricing for consumers. The move means that the company would no longer use mail-in rebates on any of its products.

"Customers are seeing the final price they are paying for a computer system is as low as it's ever been from Dell and easier to understand," Home and Business vice president Rocky Mountain said. "We believe this pricing simplification will contribute to a better, no hassle experience for Dell customers."

Rebates are often maligned both by the consumers and the media for their often-complicated application processes and slow response times. Several companies have also been the subject of federal investigations for misleading consumers and failing to mail out rebate checks.

The move is also part of a larger effort to streamline the entire discount process. Whereas in the past Dell may have offered as many as 50 different discounts per product line, it now offers fewer than 10 and customers have responded positively, Mountain said.

Additionally, it is part of an initiative to improve the overall customer experience from the company. Recently, Dell hired new technicians as well as expanding its call center in Ottawa, Canada. 50,000 hours of training has been provided across its network of technicians to better serve buyers, the company disclosed.

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