Gartenberg Quits Microsoft, Returns to Jupiter

Noted analyst Michael Gartenberg has decided that evangelizing Microsoft products just isn't for him, and is quitting less than a month after joining the Redmond company in a high-profile move that brought both criticism and praise.

Gartenberg will return to his post at JupiterResearch, where he worked for five years and was a vice president before his departure in February. Prior to Jupiter, Gartenberg worked for seven years as an analyst for Gartner.

"At my core, I am an analyst. It’s what I do and I do it well and after much thought, I realize I’m just not ready to stop doing that job just yet," Gartenberg wrote in a blog post. "I believe Jupiter itself is poised for some amazing things in the future and I’ve invested too much in the company to feel good about walking away at this point."

He had left the firm to join Microsoft as an "enthusiast evangelist," which encompasses working with and promoting the company's products. He was slated to work with people such as Jeff Sandquist, who leads the teams who create Channel 9 and 10.

One of Gartenberg's roles was to create content for Channel 10, largely replacing Robert Scoble, the high-profile blogger who left Microsoft for work with podcasting startup PodTech Network in June of last year.

Explaining his decision to leave Jupiter last month, Gartenberg said that in an analyst role, he could only spend short amounts of time with the technology, whereas in the evangelist role he will be able to surround himself with it. Apparently, he has now decided that being a "babysitter" is a better gig than being a "parent."

"I look forward to returning to deliver my unbiased perspectives on the industry and provide Jupiter’s clients with the research and analysis they have come to expect from me and Jupiter," Gartenberg added, noting that he returns to work at Jupiter on Monday.

Gartenberg did not say he encountered problems at Microsoft and thanked the individuals he worked with during his brief tenure at the company.

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