Apple Bringing Safari to Windows

WWDC 2007 - In a surprise "One more thing..." announcement at its Worldwide Developer Conference Monday, Apple says it will release version 3 of its Safari Web browser with Leopard in October, as well as a version for Windows XP and Vista.

Steve Jobs noted that Safari has captured 5 percent of the browser market already, and says the company has built up expertise with iTunes for Windows. Safari 3 is faster than both IE and Firefox, Jobs said, and the update will have Google and Yahoo search built into the browser. Other new features in version 3 include drag-able tabs. A public beta of Safari 3 for Mac OS X Tiger and Windows XP/Vista is available for download from FileForum.


68 Responses to Apple Bringing Safari to Windows

  1. Heero says:


    Though I'd like to see this whole: "Faster then IE and FF" though. it's nice to say, but if you can't actualy show anything to back it up with... Then it's not worth saying.

    • bakura says:

      The beta is available for download. Try it out.

      • PC_Tool says:

        Requires 256 Megs of RAM?

        I couldn't care less about the number, I just *really* want to know who's running XP or Vista with *less* than 256 Megs of RAM....


      • Heero says:

        I've got an old P3 running at 866 with 128Megs of PC133 Ram running XP. It's actualy preatty happy doing it.

        The machine is just used for testing purposes on low end components, but they do exist. =)

      • PC_Tool says:


        Yeah, don't try and install safari on that one. :p

      • Heero says:

        I should try it, just for kicks...

        I've gotten programs that want far more ram that what it's got running, and being happy enough doing it.

        ha ha ha..

      • smarterthanyou says:

        I used to have a computer with an Intel 386SX 16MHz processor and 2MB RAM. It ran Windows 3.1, Microsoft Works 3.0 and Netscape Navigator at the same time just fine.

      • Silentmaster101 says:

        see i find that windows uses more resources than needed when they are available, but uses considerably less when not there. i am running vista ultimate 32 on my lattitude l400, its a 700mhz p3 mobile with 128mb pc100. and a 16mb intel vid card. works well without modification, except i cannot run aero or any of the fancy bells and whistles.

      • FutureDomain says:

        Our primary computer is a P3 800 Mhz with 384MB of SDRAM running XP SP2. It actually runs well if I keep it clean and virus free.

        I'm running Safari now at work. It seems snappier than Firefox, and is actually pretty nice (if I could get used to the annoying ads). I love Konqueror on my Linux computer (433Mhz P3 with 384MB of Ram) and I'm glad a KHTML based browser is out for Windows.


      • PC_Tool says:



        Just sayin'...

      • scottlet says:

        I'm running Vista on a Libretto CT100 with 32meg ram. Admittedly I hacked it about a bit, but it works, as does firefox on it. Bless.

        As for Safari, installed it on both XP32 and Vista64 and on neither of them do I get *any* fonts whatsoever. The Apple start page opens empty of content but with all the images in the right place. Well done, Apple ;)

        I am thankful we don't support Safari at work, or I'd have to make my code run in it as well. Standards compliance my arse.

      • scottlet says:

        Incidentally, if you have the "no fonts" bug as well, look inside of C:\Program Files\Safari\Safari.resources - you'll find two fonts. Close down safari, copy those two fonts to the c:\windows\fonts folder and then start it up again and magically all the fonts will appear...

      • Heero says:

        Planning on it...

        be interesting to see how it stacks up. =)

    • Silentmaster101 says:

      i find claims like that depend on the website as well as the individual machine they run on. some browsers work way faster than others on certain machines, but this will offer another browser that may just do the trick on some of the more slugish machines.

  2. Tene says:

    That's excellent :D Konqueror's going cross platform with KDE4 too, so there'll be two mature, usable cross platform KHTML browsers.

  3. Silentmaster101 says:

    thats good, i like to be able to give more tools to my users when ie and firefox wont do the trick.

  4. xyzcb1 says:
    "What we've got here is the most innovative browser in the world and the most powerful browser in the world," said Apple CEO Steve Jobs said during his keynote speech at the company's Worldwide Developers Conference.

    I would really test out the most powerful browser in the world when I get home tonight.

  5. fyrewalll says:

    Now if only they would bring iChat to the Windows World.

  6. PC_Tool says:

    Using it now. It's slow, but it's a beta.


    Few things maybe some of you Mac Heads could help us n00bs out with:

    Tab control? (configure for right click link and hit "t" instead of having to click "open in New Tab"?)
    Speed tips? (I know...still beta)

    Straight off, the text looks very blotchy. Perhaps it's because everything looks like it's displaying in "bold" typeface now. Is this normal?


    (Answered a few of my own questions: Font control is in prefs, Ctrl-Click opens in new tab.)

    Changed font to Arial, Regular, still looks bold. Bah.

  7. sadred says:

    Using it now, It doesn't work for me, but it's beta.


    Menu does not display, pages do not load, etc.

    BTW, my computer is virus/troyans/spyware in gereal free. Firefox works like a charm, so obviously it's apple's fault. It's good to have an alternative, but this is not beta... alpha at best.

    • PC_Tool says:


      Firefox it must be apple's fault.

      Gotta love logic like that.

    • cupsdell says:

      Didn't work for me either, but I checked the Apple support forums, found that it did not work for many, but an undocumented workaround was invented which makes it work. Check out the Apple Safari forum for details.

  8. drumcat says:

    It's too bad it wasn't, "oh ya, one more thing... OSX will now work on the PC hardware platform."

    • Program86 says:

      It already does. (with a little hacking)

      I am running OSX 10.4.9 on my Sony Vaio.

      • PC_Tool says:


        Either you've decomissioned your Mac, thus freeing up the OS license, or you're pirating.

        Either way...


      • sadred says:


        Either way... who cares? He does because he can, period.

      • PC_Tool says:

        Because he can.


        You can jump off a bridge, shoot up a bar, steal a hummer, drive it through a store...(the list goes on...not necessarily in that order)

        Why aren't you doing all of those things?

      • sadred says:

        Huh? Interesting list of 'options' you got there... You really most pay a visit to your psiquiatrist {humor tag here} :)

      • PC_Tool says:

        I've only done 3 of those.

        I'll let you guess which. :p

      • CarLox says:

        hack, crack, fuck?

      • RobertM says:

        Technically, Apple's OS X license prohibits you from running it on non-Apple harware anyway, so either way, the license was broken. :)

    • sadred says:

      That would be amazing since Vista is a joke... for that I could saw at WWDC Leopard looks really jummy...

      EDIT: For those who haven't checked some of the new stuff in Leopard, go to this link:

      Apple has updated their site :) Looks really cool.

    • PC_Tool says:

      Um, didn't you hear? Apple switched to PC hardware a little over a year ago.

      Isn't that special?

      • sadred says:

        My guess is that you're retarded or plain stupid. He's obviously wondering about OS X being open to intel PC's in general, no hacking involded and as an alternative to Windows, you troll.

      • PC_Tool says:

        It was a joke.

        Christ, dude.

        Talk about being a troll. Nice to see you jump the gun at first opportunity.

        I'll be sure to include the {humor} tag next time for the slow-witted.

      • CarLox says:

        hahaha lmao, owned

      • drumcat says:

        Dude... we can't even be funny anymore...

        Yes to all, folks. The point was that you still can't buy a standard windows/pc box, and dual-boot OSX. It sure would be nice if that happened. Operating systems in general would get very good, very fast.

        As it stands, we get Vista... (gag)

      • Avion Airplane says:

        lol @ PC_TOOL

  9. XiND says:

    Very badly broken here; text is futzed everywhere, like the top menus, most UI elements on the main windows, and even strings of text within web pages. In fact, I initially thought it maybe had loaded some weird language, but it's way too random.
    Sure, it's a beta, but coupled with the "speed" I can not see, and of course the UI "culture shock", this is unusable.

    I honestly can't see this competing with Firefox, Opera or Maxthon (IE7? What's that?). Do we really need a third "greatest", Apple-branded, "me too" browser?

    • PC_Tool says:

      No, but hey. They're trying to move those Apple folks to the PC. This is just one step along the way. They've already got 'em on PC hardware, running Windows Programs and booting Vista/XP.

      Won't be long until they can ditch the MacOSX/Apple PC entirely without too much backlash from the cultists and focus on their real money makers. :p



  10. uberfly says:

    Meh. As long as it's standards compliant. I guess having one more horse in the race isn't a bad thing.

  11. livewiremaxx says:

    I just isntalled Safari Beta for PC, works great so far. Installed nicely, runs and loads very fast. I used to do some web site tech support for a large banking web site that was online. And actually those customers that were having the issues with Safri on their mac were very easy to help out and assist. IT was very easy to clear up issues compared to IE of or FF.

    I would live to see a better, OS in the market other than Vista. I havent switched and have no plans so far to do so. If Apple re-marketed an OS for PC, I think people would really jump on the band wagon this time round

    • xyzcb1 says:

      Yea sure I will jump on to a Apple OS for PC. After all, who needs compatibility anyway? I will let Apple decides what's right for me.

  12. crashoverride says:

    well..after all the spouting off about the all mighty Apple I was expecting something a little more impressive. It is most assuredly faster than IE7 and gives Firefox a run for it's money but... I just don't think this will cut it in the Windows world where you already have th likes of Opera, Firefox, and dare I say IE.

  13. AntiochMedia says:

    Works great and is a very wonderful / stable browser. This is a logical move by Apple and I can see iTunes eventually being web-based and using extensions of Safari in a similar manner to how IE and Windows Update work together. It only makes sense to have a unified platform and to bring over Safari to the PCs. I'm enjoying using this, but of course, Firefox is the browser of choice for developers as the extensions are extremely useful.

  14. The MAZZTer says:

    I got it to crash within five minutes, but I seem to have that effect on all sorts of software (no, I can't reproduce it).

    Seems OK, although I don't like that it finds the need to use it's own skin instead of blending with Windows. On the other hand, IE7 has a very nice (and totally unfair) advantage by having glass support. Someone needs to code support for glass into Gecko/XUL and make a Firefox theme!

    Imported all my bookmarks automatically, always nice, although I would have preferred it overwrite their default bookmarks instead of leaving me to delete the defaults and move mine into the root folders. Also it ignored Firefox's bookmark separators. Forgivable, I suppose. :) The bookmark manager is a page which the current tab navigates to, on demand, which is nice (Firefox can do something similar with the proper URLs) but I didn't like how closing it had to reload the page I was on... it should already be there, ready to roll.

    Granted, I didn't really try it out, but I think I'll stick with Firefox for the following reasons:
    1) Add-ons. 'nuff said.
    2) I have Firefox exactly the way I want it already. This is a superset of #1.
    3) Firefox 3 looks like it will be awesome.
    4) If I want to do something Safari can't do... I'm likely out of luck (although I'm not familiar with the extend Safari can be customized or added on to, don't hurt me!). With Firefox... see #1. I just search for the features I need or want.

  15. The Dave says:


    I'll be using the crap out of it and making it my default browser an' junk like dat.

    That's dope yo.

  16. dougau says:

    I'm glad its coming it's just not ready for prime time yet. But still fun to play with.

  17. lmbianchi says:

    I installed it on XP Pro SP2 and also, despite the official list of requirements, on W2K SP4. Installation was uneventful (I made sure to uncheck iTunes etc.). The browser loads quickly, and renders pages considerably faster than Seamonkey--my default browser. It detected all the plugins installed for Seamonkey and Firefox, and imported my bookmarks from those browsers.

    I find it very stable, and I like its simple but elegant skin.

    I will continue to use Seamonkey as my default broswer, specifically because of its extensibility and large number of tunable preferences (about:config), but I want to congratulate Apple for making this very good browser available in the Windows world.

  18. sbonnell says:

    Just installed on my company PC... Proxy configuration is disabled!
    It seems to be using IE settings...

  19. lucianct says:

    it doesn't have many options, nor support for themes or extensions. the mouse navigation has few features (i can't use back and forward buttons on my mouse, i can't middle click to scroll pages). and the fonts look different from ie or gecko-based browsers. but i like the khtml engine because it's fast (maybe because there are no extensions - firefox and netscape were fast too, but after installing add-ons they slowed down).

  20. Scotch Moose says:

    Latest news is it's full of exploitable bugs, 4 DOS and 2 remote execution.

    It never was fun to write software for Windows.

    At least Safari has better support for W3C standards than IE, but who doesn't?

  21. lonechicken says:

    Awesome. Now I can use it for its one purpose. To test my websites for Safari compatibility. Otherwise, I don't see the point in it, even on Macs. Most Mac people I know use Firefox.

  22. tuneslover says:

    I am always Windows OS User. I am using Safari for the first time. It's very good software. Speedy than Internet Explorer 7 and same as Firefox(i think). At last I am so hopeful cause it is Beta. :)

  23. Dsfargeg says:

    I'm sure it's better than IE (it's near impossible to be worse), and it might be better than Firefox as well, but I dunno if it can reach Opera...

  24. bemenaker says:

    what's the point. another crappy browser, it's buggy, crashes, and has been owned within two hours. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    I'll stick w/ FF thanks

  25. neapolis says:

    This browser is a piece of crap. Little options. It is NOT following standards properly - I know, cause Im in that business. And... well just look if U got an LCD monitor and guess what, you'd like to turn on ClearType so your fonts dont look so "middle-90ties" ... no no option. Plain BS, really shows how they are behind the tec-world.

    • frankwick says:

      - Little options
      - Doesn't follow standards

      Are you talking about the browser or the company that makes the browser???

  26. ZenWarrior says:

    Aside from its speed (which is impressive), Maxthon easily kicks Safari's butt. After using Safari all last night, I was more than a little disappointed at its lack of features, options, and inability to be customized.

    Final outcome: Very likely to be uninstalled with extreme prejudice.

  27. ratpackid says:

    Those of us who own Mac's don't even use Safari because it is just a terrible browser. I can't tell you the amount of pages that do not display properly. Firefox and Opera are both better and I think maybe it is time for IE 7 for Mac.

  28. attanze says:

    This cant compete with Opera or Firefox. Thats the truth. I tryed Safary on windows but really sucks. Maybe its a little faster, but I cant find another advantage over Opera and Firefox.

  29. joersyah says:

    I has try to install the safari for windows, the installation are successfully so far, but when i try to run it, i can not read every single word on the, how can i surf the net if i see 'mars' language in my screen.....
    any body can help me?

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