Nintendo: Wii is Still Selling Out

If you're still trying to find a Nintendo Wii, keep looking. The console is expected to remain in short supply in the near future, says its North American president.

Reggie Fils-Aimee made the comments on Wednesday as part of the E3 Media and Business Summit. He said that even though the console had been basically sold out for all of the 33 weeks it has been available, it should become the number 1 gaming platform very soon.

If Nintendo does reach that goal, it would cap a meteoric rise back to the top of the video game industry by a company that many had considered an also-ran just a few short months ago.


By focusing on making games fun to play rather than having the best graphics as is true with both the DS and now the Wii, Nintendo has struck a cord with both veteran gamers and those who typically aren't the target audience for the industry.

In fact, Fils-Aimee said that the company found that one in eight men over the age of 50 in households with a Wii console regularly use it, which he said was an industry first.

About 100 new titles will be announced for the console through the Holidays for the Wii. Another 140 new DS titles will be announced as well.

In addition, the company plans to offer the Wii balance board, to be used initially with Wii Fit a new fitness-centric game, and the Wii Zapper, which would allow the controllers to be used for new weaponry in supported games.

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