RIAA Sends Out Letters To College Students

RIAA said Monday that it had sent out 408 letters offering to settle with students from 23 universities across the country. The letter offers those who receive it a discounted settlement for staying out of court.

Among the universities receiveing the most letters were the State University of New York at Morrisville with 34; Georgia Tech and Penn State with 31; the University of Central Arkansas with 27, and the University of Delaware with 23.

The letters are a continuation of a program launched by the group earlier this year, which aimed to bring the problem of illicit file sharing on college campuses under control. At that time, the group said it expected to send out "hundreds" more letters.

RIAA said it will give students receiving these letters more time than it had in the past to respond due to the summer session.

"Those who continue to ignore great legal services and the law by stealing music online risk a federal lawsuit that could include thousands of dollars in penalties," RIAA general counsel Steven Marks said. "With so many simple, easy and inexpensive ways to enjoy music legally these days, why take that risk?"

The group pointed to a study that indicated more than half of pirated music and videos were downloaded by college students. At the same time, this group is responsible for more than 1.3 billion legal downloads.

Since the beginning of the program in Feburary, 2,423 letters have been sent to college students who download illicit music and movie files.

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