Single-chip 802.11n Provides 200 Mbps

Broadcom announced today a new addition to its Intensi-fi line: the groundbreaking BCM4322, not only the smallest and most cost-effective 802.11n solution available now, but also the first to enable Wi-Fi products to achieve over 200 Mbps of actual wireless throughput.

This chip combines all the elements of a wireless LAN subsystem on a single silicon die, which means that manufacturing costs will greatly decrease, thereby driving down the price of common 802.11n products. It also means that other electronic devices like TVs, cameras, set-top boxes, even dishwashers, if you're so inclined, can be cheaply equipped with WLAN functions.

"Single-chip 802.11n solutions are critical to enabling 802.11n consumer electronics devices for the home," said Philip Solis, Principal Analyst at ABI Research. "Multimedia distribution in the home will benefit greatly from single-chip solutions because of their lower cost, smaller size, and reduced external component count, making them easier to design into products."


With a tiny 65 micrometer footprint, the chip successfully combines an 802.11 MAC, a baseband processor, 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz radios and other WLAN components.

The unique architecture of the chip allows it to offer a max data rate of 300 Mbps, with an actual throughput of over 200 Mbps, a number exceeding most WLAN and wired network solutions to date. In addition, it consumes up to 50% less power than other multi-chip 802.11n solutions.

This solution could effectively breathe new life into dark corners of the consumer electronics world. You thought the Nabaztag was cool? That's only the beginning.

Production quantities of the chip are expected to ship in the first quarter of 2008, with pricing available upon request.

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