iPhone Unlocked Once Again

For those whose iPhones became expensive "bricks" after upgrading to firmware version 1.1.1 due to running a hack that unlocks the device, a solution has arrived. iPhoneSIMFree, the first company that offered an unlocking tool, has released a paid upgrade that resolves the issue and unlocks the iPhone once again.

The new iPhoneSIMFree utility takes advantage of a TIFF image buffer overflow bug in Safari. iPhone hackers discovered they could use the flaw to once again run code on the device, managing to "jailbreak" it from Apple's lockdown. Making bricked iPhones activate again, however, requires first downgrading the firmware back to 1.0.2. Those who have yet to unlock their iPhones should be wary: Apple is likely to fix the Safari bug and re-lock the phone with a future software upgrade.

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