PS3 sales triple in November, Wii shortage continues

Sales of the PlayStation 3 have rocketed 298 percent since Sony introduced its cheaper $399 40GB model on November 2, but much of that boost may be attributed to Black Friday, when such increases are typical.

The news follows a similar positive week in Japan, where the PS3 outsold Nintendo's Wii for the first time. Still, Sony has a long road ahead if it hopes to catch up to the Wii globally; Nintendo has sold twice as many consoles as its Japanese rival.

Ironically, the Nintendo Wii's success -- which has also put it past the Xbox 360 in sales -- could further aid Sony this holiday season. Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime said he spent Black Friday scouring retail stores for Wii units, and failed to find any available. The company already increased its production to 1.8 million Wiis a month, but that won't be enough to meet demand.

That means those in the market for a Wii this holiday could opt for a PS3 instead thanks to a dearth of Sony's console available in both 40GB and the pricier 80GB models. Microsoft is also making sure Xbox 360s remain on store shelves this holiday, and has introduced a new "Arcade" bundle to entice potential Wii buyers.

Surprisingly, Sony's PlayStation 2 is still selling well; the seven-year-old device saw a sales boost of 287 percent for Thanksgiving week in the United States. Although it wants gamers to plunk down $400 or more for a PS3, Sony seems to recognize that the PS2 still has some life left in it and recently unveiled an updated version of the console in Japan.

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