z4 re-sues Microsoft over patents

Just days after having its $140 million plus judgment against Microsoft upheld by the courts, patent holding company z4 sued Microsoft again over what it saw as insufficient progress in complying with the terms of the ruling.

Z4 says that Microsoft products continue to infringe on its rights to certain patents surrounding software activation. Microsoft has yet to comment on this latest salvo by the small Michigan company.


Among other things, the company is asking the courts to find Microsoft liable for infringement yet again, as well as unspecified damages. It is also asking for a jury trial and any other relief that the court may find z4 is entitled to.

"Microsoft's ongoing infringement of the z4 Patents is willful," z4 said in its complaint. The latest suit was filed in the US District Court for the Eastern District of Texas in Tyler, generally seen as favoring the patent holder in cases of infringement.

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