VoIP calls on iPod Touch now closer to reality

Developers are claiming that they are close to allowing users to place VoIP calls over the iPod Touch, with initial tests proving successful.

The primary work is quite simple, with basically only communication with the SIP server possible. However, this step is important and lays the foundation for an actual VoIP call.


"This is a logical step, since if you put in to many things at one time, you never know which part makes problems if there are any," developer "eok" wrote of the initial work. From here, developers will begin to add sound capabilities.

Work on an VoIP client was born out of a similar project by French developers who ported a client to the NIntendo DS handheld console. That software, as with the iPod version, uses a small embedded SIP stack called PJSIP.

Developers have begun to test methods to get sound working in the application. One method includes recording the speech and then sending it through SIP. Obviously, however, that's not a viable option to use in the program.

The developers have not specified if they were doing any similar work on VoIP with the iPhone.

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